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Myrtle Rooney Scrapbook

This virtual scrapbook provides a glimpse of student life at Regina College in the early 1930s. Composed of various clippings, letters, small artifacts, and photographs it documents the first and second year Arts program taught at Regina at the time. Various music, dance, and sports activities are also documented including an April 1932 performance of The Pied Piper of Hamelin. The scrapbook contains a letter written from China by Florence Kirk. Kirk, a former Regina College student and instructor, would spend 18 years teaching English in China.

The scrapbook was compiled by Myrtle Rooney (nee Gryde) who was a student at Regina College and lived in the Girls' Residence during the school years of 1931-32 and 1932-33. Some materials near the end of the scrapbook relate to Kenneth Gryde (Myrtle's younger brother) who attended the College in 1949 and Myrtle's two sons who attended in the 1950s and 1960s.

The scrapbook was giving to Archives and Special Collections in 2010 and dismantled to preserve the archival items from the effects of the acidic paper and plastic. Digital images of the scrapbook were made before it was dismantled making this presentation possible.


Virtual Scrapbook

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