UR Pride's June Newsletter! Includes a special message from the Executive Director
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June Newsletter    

A Message from the Executive Director 

Hello All, 

I guess my time here at UR Pride is coming to an end. I have had an amazing experience with my time here. I signed on for one year and ended up staying for two because of the amazing opportunities for growth for both me and the organization. Working as UR Pride's fundraiser, lecturer and public speaker, comedian (or at least I think so), secretary, manager, Captain of the ship, general gopher and much more has been pretty exciting at times and I accomplished much more than I could have hoped for in the two years in this position. Thank you all for being my mentor, teacher, friend, and ally and for also kicking me in the butt when I needed it.  I believe with the friendships gained and strengthened within the time I have been here, UR Pride will flourish with the next Executive Director. 

That being said I would like to announce that Leah Kieser will be the new Executive Director here at UR Pride. Leah has been a huge part of UR Pride in the past and I am sure with her knowledge of UR Pride, Southern Saskatchewan's queer community, non-profit governance and her network of community organizations and friends she will be able to bring UR Pride into the next stage. I am very excited to welcome Leah to this position.

I will be having a come and go, going away 'party' in the UR Pride lounge (RC 225) from 1-3 Wednesday, June 27th if you wish to pop by, I would love to see you before I take off. Also, I am sure the majority of you have my work email so if you would like to keep in touch with me send me an email and I will send you my personal email.

Again, Thank you all for believing in me and UR Pride and for showing me the generosity that this community has to offer.

Take Care,

Lisa Smith
Executive Director 

Update from UR Pride

The last month has been a slow recovery from CUQSC and a wrap up of a couple small projects.


CUQSC went amazingly. We had delegates from Victoria to St. Johns come to Regina to participate in discussions, workshops, lectures, a variety show and much much more. Our morning openers spanned from a panel discussion from prominent queer professors at the University of Regina hosted by URQI, a history of Two-Spirit culture and artist talk by Adrian Stimpson, and an informal discussion of the transgender supports in the Regina Area by TransSask and OneSong. During the day the delegates went to workshops from national speakers and self-led caucus discussion of individual identities. In the evenings the delegates enjoyed numerous events. Wednesday night we hosted a meet and greet social catered by tangerine, fresh and sweet and the copper kettle. That same night there was an art opening of a National Queer themed group show "Alternative to What?" where not only was there amazing art but also Homomonsterous made a musical appearance. Thursday night our Keynote Gary Kinsmen blew us away with his great knowledge and insight of Queer Activism then and now in Canada. Friday folks made there way to the Out of Town show for Mr and Miss Gay Regina step down. And on Saturday, Ian Harvey a transgender comedian and four short videos from Queer City Cinema highlighted the the Mixed Nutz night which was not only hilarious but also insightful, However, the other folks that came out to show their talents was more than we expected. From a contemporary dance that gave me chills, honest and well spoken slam poetry, contemporary digital music performances and much more this was a perfect way to end the conference.     

Some Thanks: 
The Owl was a huge help from catering, to providing a home base in the multi-purpose room the whole weekend, to moral/volunteer support when the coordinators were burning out. Thank you!
Our Sponsors: We could not have done this without you.The generosity of our community never ceases to amaze me. Thank You! http://cuqsc.org/sponsors.php 

Youth Leadership Program

Youth Group is going well. We have a couple of things coming up you might be interested in: 
Join us for the Queen City Pride Parade! We will be walking in the parade with our finest hand designed T-shirts! 

We will also be having a BBQ in Waterfall Park, July 3rd 5-7pm. RVSP youthgroup@urpride.ca if you would like to come! 

Positive Space Network

We have had a slow start to this semester for the Positive Space Network. We will be posting times for July and August workshops soon. Check our Website at www.urpride.ca for more information


Lisa went crazy on her vacation and decided to renovate the office. She with the help of Caitlyn, Leah and Karli designed and built new desks in the office. Come check it out!

New Website

We are still adding content but Check It OUT!  www.urpride.ca

Get Involved!

Feel like your life is missing something now that its the summer? Fill that void with UR Pride! check out our postings http://www.urpride.ca/get-involved/volunteer/ or just come by, there is always something to do! 

Golden Crown Volleyball

A reminder that Regina's weekly gay (& gay friendly) drop-in volleyball @ St. Dominic School (195 Windfield Road , Regina , SK) is running each Sunday afternoon, 2 to 4PM, and the cost for each drop-in is only $3 per person.  We have a lot of laughs while getting active and playing a couple of hours of recreational volleyball.  Please send this email to anyone that you think might be interested (or forward me their email address to add to this distribution).  The more the merrier!
Hope to see you this Sunday, or one Sunday shortly after :)
Greg Kirby
A Message From the RWRC:

As some of you already know, I was recently hired as the coordinator for the Rainbow Wellness Resource Centre (RWRC). I know a lot of the community has never heard of the centre before, so I will give you a quick outline regarding what we're about. Essentially, our mandate is to coordinate and provide a range of support services and programs, to help the Queer people of Regina and Southern Saskatchewan cope with any inequities they face in their daily lives. In order to achieve this goal we will be creating partnerships with various other organizations involved in the Queer community, such as Regina and Quapelle Health District, Aids Programming Southern Saskatchewan, Camp fYrefly, UR Pride Centre, etc.
 Although working with these organizations will be extremely helpful, we are still in great need of volunteers. This is where YOU come in. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer or know someone who might be, please contact me and I can add you to the volunteer list and update you about future volunteer opportunities with the RWRC. If you already have a busy schedule and can't volunteer, you can always buy a membership to the RWRC for only $10.00. This membership is mostly of goodwill, but it also entitles you to vote at the AGM. 
Remember, this centre was created to serve the needs of our community. Due to homophobia, Queer people are at higher risk for numerous health and social issues. For example, 30% of youth suicides are LGBTQ and the issue of substance abuse, including alcohol, illicit drugs, and cigarettes, are 2-3 times higher amongst Queer people. Let's work together to change this! 
Thank you so much for your time, 
Jeff Moser
Rainbow Wellness Resource Centre 
(306) 359 - RWRC (7972) 
*Please note my office hours are still being figured out, so email is the best method of contact.* 
Camp Fyrefly

Summer Fundraising Reception
Vianne Timmons, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Regina invites you to join her for a fund-raising reception in support of
Camp fYrefly-Saskatchewan.
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
University of Regina President’s House
1001 McNiven Cres, Regina, SK
Join Vianne and Stuart to celebrate the 4th season of Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan. Meet this year’s camp co-ordinator, U of R graduate student, Kobie Spriggs, and hear first hand from queer campers who have had “an experience that lasts a life-time”. 
Enjoy live music by double-bassist Danny Jones, and food and drink from some of Regina’s best restaurants.
Reception Tickets at the door: $50 per person
(a tax receipt may be issued for a portion of the ticket price)
RSVP: the.president@uregina.ca

*Camp fYrefly is the only residential summer camp for sexual minority and gender variant youth in Saskatchewan. Sponsored by the University of Regina, and supported by fund- raising initiatives, Camp
fYrefly relies on the generosity of our community to provide a 
camping experience for the youth of Saskatchewan as they move from being "at-risk" to a place where they can be resilient and positively
address the challenges of adolescence 
and young adulthood.
For further information please contact: 
james.mcninch@uregina.ca  or  patty.niebergall@uregina.ca

We are looking for volunteers to help us out during Pride Week!

Please let me know if you would like to help out in any of the following ways:


Setup on Tuesday June 19th - 6pm - 7pm
Take Down on Tuesday June 19th - 10pm - 11pm

Setup on Wednesday June 20th - 4pm - 5pm
Take Down on Wednesday June 20th - 9pm - 10pm

Setup on Thursday June 21st - 6pm - 7pm

Setup (Party in the Park) on Saturday June 23rd - 10am - 12pm
Take Down (Party in the Park) on Saturday June 23rd - 5pm - 7pm
Setup (Pride Dance) on Saturday June 23rd - 6pm - 9pm
Take Down (Pride Dance) on Sunday June 24th - 5pm - 7pm

Setup could include: setting up tables and chairs, mild decorating, and/or arranging/preparing of refreshments. 
Take Down could include: the disasembling of tables and chairs, taking down any decorations, and/or packing up and putting away any items used during the night.  

Get Involved in Pride 2012For information about Queen City Pride, Events and Volunteer Opportunities visit:
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