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  • Across the Mountain, John; Brewer, Ben (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-02)
    Discusses Treaty #7 and stresses the closeness of Indian people to nature and the need to retain the Indian religions.
  • MacAuley, Joseph R., Sr.; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-08-19)
    Mr. MacAuley tells of the changes that have taken place in Cumberland House including the increase in crime and alcoholism.
  • Tobacco, Lawrence; Welsh, Christine; Snowsill, Tony (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-06-20)
    Lawrence Tobacco, born 1919, on the Poor Man Reserve, Saskatchewan He attended a residential school and is now involved in traditional education and counseling. He talks about farming and raising cattle on the Poor Man ...
  • Ahenakew, Lizette; Welsh, Christine (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-06-21)
    She was born on the Little Pine Reserve, the first girl from that reserve to attend high school. She tells of some childhood memories; naming ceremonies; significance of Indian names; the training of children, especially ...
  • Chief, Lloyd; Mountain, Mary; Baker, Iris; Group of White Teachers (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-06-17)
    An interview with the grandson of Misihew and great-grandson of Seekaskootch, Mr. Lloyd Chief. During the interview, Mr. Chief discusses a variety of subjects including: leadership qualities; intertribal wars of the Cree ...
  • Sette, Maggie; Fietz, Janet R. (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1981-08-10)
    Maggie Sette tells of her childhood and living the traditional lifestyle.
  • Littlewolfe, Maria; Mountain, Mary (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-07-04)
    Interview includes a story of Maria Littlewolfe's grandfather who died and then returned to life.
  • Carter, Marion; Mountain, Mary (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-07-30)
    Mrs. Carter tells a story of her life. She talks of the traditional way of living; residential schools and tells how she was given her name. During the interview she also relates a tale from her grandfather about the ...
  • Wolfleg, Mark (Sr.); Snowsill, Tony (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-01-24)
    Mark Wolfleg talks about the Blackfoot interpretation of the terms of Treaty #7; also the roles of the Crowfoot and a group of Metis in taking Treaty #7. He also talks about his overseas experiences during World War II.
  • Ireland, Max; Cywink, Alex (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-07-27)
    Consists of an interview where he gives accounts of storytelling amongst the Oneida; accounts of the educational system and its abuses.
  • McDougall, Mederic; Pearlstone, Carol (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-12)
    Mr. McDougall is descended from French and Scottish halfbreeds and is active in the Metis Society of Saskatchewan. He gives an account of the Metis way of life and philosophy, the Riel Rebellion, shares memories of WWI, ...
  • Hart, Mrs. A.; Stobie, Margaret (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1970)
    Mrs. A. Hart gives her views on the Hudson's Bay Company, education and alcohol. No date given, probably in the 1970's.
  • Dillon, Marion; Mountain, Mary (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-23)
    An interview that includes stories of hunting, trading and food gathering. Also included are stories about the Frog Lake massacre and Wihtiko (cannibal monster)
  • Carriere, Pierre; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-08-18)
    Pierre Carriere was a close friend of Jim Brady. He talks about the history of Cumberland House, social life as it changed from the pre-war period to the present ; Jim Brady's role as a leader in the community ; the fishing ...
  • Dorion, Pierre; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976)
    Pierre Dorion was a young boy when Jim Brady was living in Cumberland House from 1948-1951. Dorion talks about Brady's attempts to organize a Metis Society and his efforts to get people jobs in the area.
  • Vandale, Pierre; Pearlstone, Carol (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-11)
    Pierre Vandale was born in Carlton, Saskatchewan. He was treated in a sanatorium for tuberculosis but on recovery worked at farming and woodcutting. He talks about his children's education and his lack of schooling and ...
  • Hook, Ronald; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-08-13)
    Mr. Hook knew Malcolm Norris socially and attended one of his classes in geology. He discusses Norris's life, family, work and attitude to this native ancestry.
  • Shingoose, Douglas; Shingoose, Andrew; Severite, Pat; Cappo, John James; Crowe, Dorothy; Crowe, James; Stevenson, Albert (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-02-12)
    Elders discuss: problems for present day Indians including alcoholism; failure to educate the young in traditional ways; influence of white education.
  • Brady, Sister A.; Walther, Anne Brady; Chapman, Dorothy; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-08-15)
    Consists of an interview with three of Jim Brady's sisters. They talk about early life in St. Paul des Metis in the 1920s and 1930s, the politics and lifestyle of their father, Jim Brady, Sr., as well as discussing Brady's ...
  • Hickey, Lynne (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-04)
    Summary of concerns regarding promises made in Treaty #8, mostly about education and health care issues.

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