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  • Ryder, Charles W. (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973)
    Charles Ryder tells the story of the settlement of the Carry the Kettle (Assiniboine) Reserve. Also gives a detailed description of old agricultural practices. No date given, probably early 1970's.
  • Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.); Atcenam (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1935-07-22)
    An interview that was not very successful, his conversation being rambling and disorganized. Atcenam mentions some aspects of traditional lifestyle.
  • Al-Zahrani, Noof Edan (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2013-05)
    Atmospheric samples were collected during 2007-2010 at Bratt’s Lake, Saskatchewan. Samples were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in negative ion selected ion monitoring mode. Atmospheric concentrations of ...
  • Fergus, Nicole Debra (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2012-08)
    This thesis describes a new analytical method for the determination of twelve carbamates, seven degradation products, and four phenylureas using liquid chromatography-positive electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry ...
  • Gelinas, Bethany Lee (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2012-06)
    The prevalence of deliberate self-harm (DSH) is on the rise, making clinicians more likely than ever to encounter DSH in their clinical practice (Klonsky, 2007; Nock, 2009), and consequently making research that informs ...
  • Andrews, Marilyn (University of Regina Library, SANDS - Spatial and Numeric Data Services, 2012-11-14)
  • Auger, August; Crane, Ernest (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    Interview relates to understanding of Treaty #8 promises; the establishment of Wabasca Reserves; and the loss of treaty status by many people in the area.
  • Yellow Sun, Augustine; Poor Eagle, Joe; Wolfleg, Allan J. (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-02-22)
    Detailed description of what happened at Blackfoot Crossing when Treaty 7 was negotiated; and CPR right of way through the Blackfoot Reserve.
  • Yellow Sun, Augustine; Poor Eagle, Joe; Wolfleg, Allan J. (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    A discussion of Land rights under Treaty #7; trade of furs for goods; and the dispersal of the Blackfoot people and eventual return to the Blackfoot Reserve under Crowfoot.
  • Sound, August; Capot, Dave; McLean, Dan (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1972-11-23)
    A very brief interview touching on treaty rights and on the history of the Swan River Reserve.
  • Lane, Jay; Cross, Nate; Godfrey, Mike; Padbury, Jordan (Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Regina, 2011-04-02)
    Designed to provide real-world, controlled-contour putting greens; this project uses elastic, spring-tensioned turf with pneumatic actuators. The 8'x15' green features four pods whose heights can be adjusted through an ...
  • Rathgaber, Joel Richard (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2012-12)
    In this, thesis a novel system for automatically calibrating an optical multitouch surface is presented. The current state of multitouch software forces the user to manually calibrate a surface prior to usage. This process ...
  • Xu, Suxin (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2012-09)
    Vapour Extraction (VAPEX) is a process to recover heavy oil by injecting vapourized solvent into a reservoir. In order to ensure successful commercial application of a VAPEX process, reliable prediction of VAPEX performance ...
  • Paranjape, Avnee (University of Regina Library, 2014)
  • Bad Man; Shade, Harry (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-01)
    Bad Man gives an account of the arrival of white men, acceptance of treaty by Bloods, and subsequent lease of land by Mormons.
  • Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.) (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1934-07-23)
    Interviewer states "These two days I spent in copying the statistics from the agency books. They involve seven bands which have a different background -- three being agriculturalists in part, the others trappers". *No ...
  • Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.) (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1925)
    A document that lists various Cree bands and excerpts from annual reports for the period 1883 to 1925. Note: Mandelbaum is not the author, but this document is part of his file.
  • Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.); Muskwa (Bear) (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1934-07-27)
    One of the oldest men on the Little Pine Reserve talks about chiefs before and after treaty.
  • Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.); Favel, Basel (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1934-07-28)
    Consists of an interview with Basel Favel who was one of the headmen during the '85 rebellion. *No index terms provided.
  • Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.); Muskwa (Bear) (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1934-07-29)
    Consists of an interview with Muskwa where he gives a brief description of the significance of various ceremonial clothing and talks about various dances.

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