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    • Canadian Approaches to Arctic Foreign Policy 

      Sebastian, Ciara Margaret Marie (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2013-03)
      Throughout the Cold War the Arctic was treated as an international ‘no man’s land’. The tension created by the proximity of the Soviet Union to the other Arctic states made the development of effective Arctic foreign ...
    • Cancer treatment as a place: ecofeminism as a social work framework 

      Enns, Karen (Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina, 2016-05-17)
      This paper is a reflection of my field practicum at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre from May11, 2015 to August 11, 2015. It explores ecofeminism as a guiding clinical framework with people who are receiving cancer treatment. ...
    • Cannibalism Bibliography (Secondary Sources) 2016 

      Purnis, Jan; Stoudt, Lara; Harvey, Gibson (2016-12-23)
    • Capacitive Flow Meter Realtime Processing Using Cross Correlation HDL Design Methodology and Performance 

      Nell, Peter Condie (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2015-03)
      Accurate low cost flow rate measurements of multiphase varying rate flows would be beneficial to the oil and gas industries in Saskatchewan. This thesis provides a design methodology, implementation and analysis of ...
    • Carbon Dioxide Absorption into Aqueous Ammonia in a Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor 

      Cui, Zheng (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2016-07)
      Chemical absorption has been considered as a promising technology for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture from different industrial waste gases. However, this technology has not been widely commercialized due to its high capital ...
    • Care Farming: a New Approach to Therapy 

      McInnes, Adam (University of Regina Graduate Students' Association, 2011-04-02)
      Care farms are a growing movement around the world. Though still rare here in North America, there is an interest in this type of therapy and rehabilitation. Care farming uses traditional agriculture in an innovative way ...
    • Care of the Whole Person: Jesuit Pedagogy 

      Hanna, Eric (University of Regina Library, 2015-03-06)
    • The Caregiver Program: How Social Relations of Childcare are Reconfigured to the Detriment of Canadian Women 

      Fathi, Stephanie (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2016-07)
      A gendered lens helps highlight the underlying asymmetrical power relations within the economy for marginalized groups. Using a feminist political economy (FPE) approach under a critical realist paradigm, it is argued that ...
    • Carl Lewis interview 

      Lee, Jamie; Lewis, Carl (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1982-07-05)
      Consists of an interview with Carl Lewis where he discusses his trips throughout North and South American visiting various Indian tribes. He also discusses the role of the rifle in the conquest of North America. He gives ...
    • Carl W. Christenson interview 

      Christenson, Carl W.; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-08-12)
      Carl Christenson worked for the Saskatchewan Fish Board and met both Malcolm Norris and Jim Brady. He talks about the Saskatchewan Fish Board's aims and its functioning as well as his acquaintance with Norris and Brady.
    • Carlton Agency interview #1 

      Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.); kakiceniupimuxteu (Walks Like An Old Man) (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1934-07-18)
      Consists of an interview that provides a description of gift-giving.
    • Carlton Agency interview #2 

      Mandelbaum, D.G. (Dr.); Mutceheu, Tom (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1934-07-19)
      Consists of an interview where Tom Mutceheu (Falling Noise) mentions the four divisions of people in Saskatchewan and some of their traditions. *No index terms provided.
    • Caroline Henry interview #1 

      Henry, Caroline; Jefferson, Margaret (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1982-08-15)
      Interviewee is asked about her family, work, school, religion, social life, food, the Depression, and World War II. No index terms are provided.
    • Caroline Henry interview #2 

      Henry, Caroline; Jefferson, Margaret (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1982-08-25)
      Continuation of previous interview. No index terms are provided.
    • Caroline Vandale interview 

      Vandale, Caroline; Pearlstone, Carol (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-11)
      Mrs. Vandale was born in Carlton in 1902. She shares what her father told her about the cause of the Riel Rebellion. She also talks about the Metis people in relation to the Depression, WWI, WWII, and the attitudes of ...
    • Carrying Stories From the Outside In: A Collaborative Narrative into a Teacher Education Community 

      Griffin, Shelley M.; Parker, Darlene Ciuffetelli; Kitchen, Julian (University of Regina, Faculty of Education, 2010)
      As three professors working collaboratively in teacher education, we reflect on our participation as former graduate students in narrative research circles facilitated by Dr. Jean Clandinin (University of Alberta) and Dr. ...
    • Cartographic visualization of Saskatchewan’s population using dasymetric mapping. 

      Krahnen, Anne (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2012-07)
      Maps of population density are commonly displayed using the choropleth method. Although choropleth maps are popular in mapping population density, strictly speaking, they are often incorrect due to non-conforming boundaries ...
    • Case Study Method in Human Resource Development: Reviewing the Research Literature 

      Shiddike, Mohammad Omar; Rahman, Asif Ali (Canadian Center of Science and Education, 2020-03-26)
      This paper is written with a novice social science (management, education, public administration, public policy, and human resource development etc.) researcher in mind at the graduate or doctoral level. A case study ...
    • A Case Study of Teacher Engagement in Partisan Politics and It’s Influences on Students Learning and Classroom Practices: Perspective on Bangladesh 

      Shiddike, Mohammad Omar (Sciedu Press, 2019-06-05)
      The main purpose of this study is to uncover the various ways in which teacher engagement in partisan politics goes ahead to influence the delivery of the teacher in the classroom as well as the learning of the students ...
    • A Case Study of the Lived Experiences of Individuals: How Experiential Exercises Aid Entrepreneurship Teachers to Understand Intrapreneurship and the Art of Entrepreneurial Thinking 

      Knight, Monica Lesley (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2018-05)
      This research addressed a gap in our knowledge and understanding of if, how, and why experiential exercises might aid teachers to introduce to Entrepreneurship 30 an expanded understanding of the phenomena of entrepreneurship ...