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  • Lonesinger, Antoine; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-05-01)
    Interview includes two stories: the first about a boy who saves a boy and wins a wife in the process; a second about a boy who upon returning to his band with a wife becomes chief.
  • Lonesinger, Antoine; Baptiste, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-11-01)
    Interview includes stories about a Cree band who avenged the killing of a young boy by the Blackfoot. He tells of his grandfather who helped a Cree raiding party find food.
  • Lonesinger, Antoine; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-07-24)
    Interview with the respected storyteller and singer Antoine Lonesinger. Interview includes the Legend of Cut Knife Hill and stories of BlackRock and Chokecherry Wood.
  • Lonesinger, Antoine; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-09-09)
    Interview with Antoine Lonesinger, who tells stories of escapes from Blackfoot and the use of spirits and evil powers.
  • Lonesinger, Antoine (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-10-18)
    Interview includes stories of attacks on women by Blackfoot and Cree raiders. It also includes the story of the acquisition of the Sioux Dance (or Grass Dance) from the bone grass spirits.
  • Lonesinger, Antoine (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    Interview includes the stories of a raid on the Blackfoot and the struggle for supremacy between two medicine men. (Transcribed by J. Greenwood)
  • Chief, Charlie; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-07-11)
    Interview of Charlie Chief who discusses the a Grass Dance, Round Dance and Sioux Dance (including songs). Also included are songs. The discusses the difference between old and new ways. Alphonse Littlepoplar is the ...
  • Pooyak, Eli; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-08-19)
    Interview includes a story of a daring escape by Cree warriors that were surrounded by some Blackfoot.
  • Oxebin, Emma; Baptiste, Archie (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-08-21)
    Interview describes a chief who led a raid in which many warriors lost their lives.
  • Owl, Eva; Sit, Evelyn (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-07-26)
    Consists of an interview where she mentions certain stories told to her as a child.
  • Chief, Jimmy; Chief, Charlie; LittlePopular, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-19)
    Interview of the grandsons of Little Bear who discuss lifestyle. They tell stories about Cree raids on Blackfoot;the hanging of Little Bear and murder of a storekeeper's son by a medicine man. Interpreter by Alphonse Littlepoplar.
  • Chief, Lloyd; Mountain, Mary; Baker, Iris; Group of White Teachers (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-06-17)
    An interview with the grandson of Misihew and great-grandson of Seekaskootch, Mr. Lloyd Chief. During the interview, Mr. Chief discusses a variety of subjects including: leadership qualities; intertribal wars of the Cree ...
  • Harper, Pierre; Mountain, Mary (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-08-06)
    Interview of Mr. Harper that includes stories about the Lousy Ones and Scar Face.
  • Calf Robe, Ed; Bottle, Camoose; Bottle, Jim; Hind Man, Howard; Hellson, John (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1967)
    The participants in the interview tell various stories.
  • Atimoyoo, Smith; Broba, Harry; Lachance, Choco; Tootoosis, Ernest; Bonaise, Alex (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1971-10)
    Elders present songs and prayers with discussion about the loss of traditions and values, evils of alcohol, role of elders, etc. Also stories of adventures in intertribal warfare ; a story of a man who married a thunderwoman.

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