Graduate Students' Research Conference

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Graduate Students' Research Conference


The conference is a public event and all students (graduate and undergraduate), staff and faculty, members of the community, as well as high school students who are considering University career choices will be invited to view the posters and listen to the oral presentations. There is no cost associated with community participation in this event.

This conference is unique because it is a student-organized, student-focused, conference for communicating student research to the community. It provides an affordable option for local students to improve their curriculum vitae and a chance for everyone to keep on top of the world-class research being done here at the University of Regina and neighbouring Universities. The conference planners hope that resounding support and attendance from the University of Regina and the community will help to make the conference a National destination for student research over the next few years.

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Recent Submissions

  • McIntyre, Amanda; Brand, John; Guest, Maegan; Partyka, Jamie; Relkey, Kristen; Scott, Craig; Tyminski, Nathan; Will, Natasha (University of Regina, Graduate Students' Association, 2008-04)
    A recent article in a popular news magazine cites Regina as home to Canada’s worst neighbourhood, portraying the city as dangerous and overrun by violent crime. Whether or not this portrayal is fair, Regina in fact typically ...
  • McLeod, Katherine M.; Johnson, Shanthi (University of Regina, Graduate Students' Association, 2008-04)
    Purpose: Measurement of bone mineral density (BMD) using dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) is the method of choice for detecting low bone mass and increased risk of osteoporotic fracture; however, DXA is costly and ...
  • Mills, Cathy (University of Regina, Graduate Students' Association, 2008-04)
    As a participant, parent, or observer bulletin boards and trophy cases are commonplace in skating arenas. Who appears on the bulletin board? Are all participants showcased equally? Similarly, many figure skating clubs hold ...
  • Morhart, Heidi; Tottenham, Laurie Sykes (University of Regina, Graduate Students' Association, 2008-04)
    Emotional recognition is an essential component of interpersonal relationships. Recent research has suggested that high prenatal androgen exposure is later associated with impaired social and emotional skills in children ...
  • Murugan, Pulikesi (University of Regina, Graduate Students' Association, 2008-04)
    In this study, the trend of surface ozone (O3) concentration was observed by continuous monitoring in the Industrial and coastal site Chennai, India during the period 07th October 2005 to 18th January 2006. The relationships ...