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The Faculty of Science represents one of the strongest academic areas at the University of Regina. It attracts more than half of all external research funding and holds two Canada Research Chairs. With the need for scientific and technical skills in the 21st century, students will find that the strengths of the Faculty make it an attractive one in which to further their education.

The Faculty is composed of six departments:

For more information on the Faculty of Science and its programs, please visit the web site at www.uregina.ca/science/

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Recent Submissions

  • Hepting, Daryl; Jaffe, JoAnn; Maciag, Timothy (Springer, 2014-06)
    There is a large gap between attitude and action when it comes to consumer purchases of ethical food. Amongst the various aspects of this gap, this paper focuses on the difficulty in knowing enough about the various ...
  • Fallat, Shaun; Olesky, Dale; van den Driessche, Pauline (Elsevier, 2015-08-15)
    The enhanced principal rank characteristic sequence (epr-sequence) was originally defined for an n ×n real symmetric matrix or an n ×n Hermitian matrix. Such a sequence is defined to be l1l2···ln where lk is A,S, or N ...
  • Meagher, Karen; Fallat, Shaun; Yang, Boting (Elsevier, 2015)
    The positive semidefinite zero forcing number of a graph is a graph parameter that arises from a non-traditional type of graph colouring and is related to a more conventional version of zero forcing. We establish a relation ...
  • Barioli, Francesco; Barrett, Wayne; Fallat, Shaun; Hall, Tracy; Hogben, Leslie; Shader, Bryan; van den Driessche, Pauline; van der Holst, Hein (Wiley Periodicals, Inc., 2013)
    Tree-width, and variants that restrict the allowable tree decompositions, play an important role in the study of graph algorithms and have application to computer science. The zero forcing number is used to study the ...
  • Alinaghipour, Fatemeh; Fallat, Shaun; Meagher, Karen (2014)
    The zero forcing number and the positive zero forcing number of a graph are two graph parameters that arise from two types of graph colourings. The zero forcing number is an upper bound on the minimum number of induced ...