Beginning in the fall of 2010, new and current students will be able to begin working towards either a B.Kin (with majors in Human Kinetics, Gerontology, Health Promotion, or Adapted Exercise Science) or a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Studies (B.SRS) (majoring in either Management or Therapeutic Recreation).

Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies Undergrad Program

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  • Pandemic preparedness plan - H5N1 and beyond 

    Aito, Osefan; Bolton, Tim; Brown, Miranda; Ewanchuk, Ray; Lockhart, Stephanie; Martin, Tracy; Nmezi, Juliet; Schmeichel, Randi; Sharp, Keisha; Sherar, Michael; Slywka, Alicia; Surkan, Sarah; Urban, Lisa (University of Regina, Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies, 2009-04-07)
    1.0 INTRODUCTION By: Tim Bolton and Osefan Aito -- 2.0 EXTERNAL RELATIONS By: Tim Bolton and Michael Sherar -- 3.0 ALLIED HEALTH CENTRE By: Osefan Aito and Tim Bolton -- 4.0 RESIDENCE By: Juliet Nmezi and ...