Each year, the Faculty of Fine Arts, its departments and individual faculty members organize a number of series aimed at enriching the classroom and studio experience. Sometimes a visiting artist, sometimes a noted expert, sometimes a special exhibit. students looking to stretch their creative thinking will find great advantage in the special events hosted by the Faculty of Fine Arts. But you need not be a student to appreciate the offerings - everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Recent Submissions

  • Fine Arts Presentation Series - Fall 2009 

    Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Regina. Faculty of Fine Arts., 2010-09)
    Fine Arts Presentation Series. Fall 2009. "It's About Action Not Re-Action: The Interactive Media and Performance (IMP) Labs." Dr. Charity Marsh. Canada Research Chair, Interactive Media and Performance, Department ...
  • The Place of Fine Arts in the Modern University 

    Hayford, Alison (2010-09-17)
    Between 2007‑2010, Dr. Alison Hayford served as Head of the Department of Visual Arts. Her passionate advocacy for that department, as well as for the Faculty of Fine Arts as whole, led her to take on the role of Associate ...