Napi Stories

Show simple item record First Rider, George Hellson, John 2008-10-10T16:19:24Z 2008-10-10T16:19:24Z 1969-01-06
dc.description 24 p. transcript of an interview with George First Rider conducted by John Hellson on January 6, 1969. Tape number IH-AA.011/011A, transcript disc 46. en_US
dc.description.abstract N.B. the translator notes that the Napi stories in this document are inaccurate and are told in a confusing way. Consists of an interview about several Napi stories: the story of when men and women first married; the story of how Napi killed all the babies; the story of the lynx and why it looks as it does; the story of why the birch tree looks as it does and why the rectum is black; the story of how Napi lost his sight and the adventures that befell him when he was blind; the story of how the elk lost two of its four eyes; the story of File Runner, Adopted Child and Clot; the story of Napi and the elk skull; and the story of the elks that were playing follow the leader. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Canadian Plains Research Centre en_US
dc.subject Buffalo -- Hunting of en_US
dc.subject Clothing and personal adornment -- Pre-European en_US
dc.subject Hides -- Tanning en_US
dc.subject Hunting -- Techniques en_US
dc.subject Spirits -- Napi en_US
dc.subject Stories and storytelling (General) -- Animal en_US
dc.subject Stories and storytelling (General) -- Death en_US
dc.subject Stories and storytelling (General) -- Landscape features en_US
dc.subject Stories and storytelling (General) -- Marriage en_US
dc.subject Stories and storytelling -- Treachery and revenge en_US
dc.subject Stories and storytelling (General) -- Tricksters en_US
dc.subject Tools -- Making of en_US
dc.subject Transportation -- Horse en_US
dc.subject Warfare, Intertribal -- Motives for en_US
dc.subject Belly Butte, Alberta en_US
dc.subject Belly River, Alberta en_US
dc.subject Oldman River, Alberta en_US
dc.subject Porcupine Tail Hills, Alberta en_US
dc.title Napi Stories en_US
dc.type Other en_US
dc.description.authorstatus Other en_US
dc.description.peerreview no en_US

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