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    • Building Saskatchewan's Future 

      Adams, Duane; Gibbins, Roger; Allan, John R.; Romanow, Roy; Frank, Jim; MacKinnon, Janice; Dasko, Donna; Elliott, Doug; Cline, Eric (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 1998-11-30)
      As a part of its 1999 pre-budget consultation, the Government of Saskatchewan asked the Canada West Foundation and the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy to convene and host a broadly representative conference of ...
    • Saskatchewan's Oil and Gas Royalties: A Critical Appraisal 

      Weir, Erin (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-01)
      This paper provides a critical appraisal of Saskatchewan’s oil and gas royalties and argues that they should be increased. It was written between June and September of 2002 to convince the provincial government to raise its ...
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 1 December 2002 

      Peykov, Pavel (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-12)
      Choice in Automobile Insurance: Tort vs. No Fault Coverage
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 10 April 2005 

      Arnal, William; Green, Joyce; Juschka, Darlene; Merrett, James (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-04)
      Not in Polite Company Religious and Political Discursive Formations on Same-Sex Marriage
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 11 May 2005 

      Brittain, James J. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-05)
      The Consequential Effects of Canadian Immigration Policy and Anti-Terror Legislation on Colombian Refugees
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 12 September 2005 

      Audas, Rick; Chafe, Roger (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-09)
      EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE One Size Does Not Fit All
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 13 November 2005 

      MacLean, Barbara; Racicot, Brittany; Gummeson, Beki; Jungwirth, Dan; Canham, Robin (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2005-11)
      Insight for the Future: Saskatchewan’s Youth Share Their Thoughts
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 14 May 2006 

      Short, Peter; Bisson, Peter; Shadia, Drury (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-05)
      Religion is About Life Religious and Political Discursive on the Role of Faith in Politics
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 15 July 2006 

      Whyte, John D.; Leifso, Justin (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-07)
      COMING TO THE END Mandatory Retirement in Saskatchewan
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 16 October 2006 

      Turpel-Lafond, M. E. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-10)
      POLICING THE FUTURE The Changing Demographics of Saskatchewan
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 17 November 2006 

      Smith, David E.; Whyte, John D. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-11)
      SENATE REFORM Is This the Beginning?
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 18 December 2006 

      Morgan, Jeremy; Baeker, Greg; Stoicheff, Peter; MacKinnon, Peter; Burton, Randy; Baker, Brenda (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2006-12)
      CAPITALIZING ON CULTURE How can public policy support arts and culture for the public good?
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 19 March 2007 

      Marshall, Jim (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2007-03)
      RETURNS TO EDUCATION International and National Evidence
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 2 June 2003 

      Peykov, Pavel (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-06)
      Information Management and Privacy Rights: Are we Adequately Protected Against Intrusion in Our Lives?
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 20 May 2007 

      Whyte, John D.; Wells, Lynn; Salutin, Rick; Green, Joyce; Chernov, Gennadiy (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2007-05)
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 21 June 2007 

      Olfert, Rose; Fulton, Murray; Skogstad, Grace (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2007-06)
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 22 December 2007 

      Marshall, Jim (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2007-12)
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 23 June 2008 

      Walker, Allan (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2008-06)
      WORKPLACE HEALTH Changes and Challenges
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 3 September 2003 

      Brothen, Randy; Peach, Ian (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-09)
      The Art of the Possible: The Interpersonal Dimension of Policy-Making in the Case of the Northern Development Accord
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 4 October 2003 

      Peach, Ian (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2003-10)
      Filling the Empty Vessel: Defining the Mandate and Structure of a Council of the Federation