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  • MacKenzie, Jean A.; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-08-11)
    Jean MacKenzie was on the board of directors of the Indian/Metis Friendship Centre in Prince Albert.
  • Racette, Jean Baptiste; Racette, Victoria (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-04-05)
    Interviewee, in most cases, responds briefly to interviewer's questions about his experiences throughout his life.
  • Goodwill, Jean I.; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-07-03)
    A registered nurse talks about her friendship with Malcolm Norris and the development of Friendship Centres in Prince Albert and Winnipeg and school integration in La Ronge.
  • Ouellette, Jean (John) Paul; Thibodeau, Judy M. (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-03-05)
    General account of Mr. Ouellette's life; and Metis history.
  • Mustus, Jean Marie; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-03-26)
    Mr. Mustus, aged 78, is the grandson of Mustus, the first chief of the Sucker Creek Reserve. This is an unusual interview in that he displays fairly positive feelings about the treaty. Also talks of generosity of the H.B.C. ...
  • Blackbird, Jennie; Tooshkenig, Gladys; Jacobs, Burton (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1978-11-09)
    Discusses the Brantford residential school.
  • Quinn, Jerry; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-03-20)
    Grandson of Papaschase tells of what happened to the Papaschase Reserve.
  • Black, Jim; Wolfleg, Allan J. (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-01-18)
    An interview discussing various topics: evidence given to the Office of Specific Claims and Research by Jim Black; signing of Treaty #7; an account of the CPR line being taken through Blackfoot Reserve territory; a ...
  • Bottle, Jim; Shade, Harry; Devine, Mike (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-10-25)
    Evidence given to Office of Specific Claims and Research by Jim Bottle, detailing an account of the signing of Treaty #7 and the later leasing of part of the Blood Reserve to the Mormons.
  • Brady, James (Jim); Davis, Art (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1960)
    A general account of the life of Jim Brady.
  • Curtniss, Jim; Sinclair, Mrs.; Stobie, Margaret (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1970)
    Jim Curtniss tells how his family travelled around Ontario, living in several locations. No date given for this interview. Probably during the 1970's.
  • Groves, Jim; Rhody, Henry (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1982-07-29)
    Interviewee is asked to speak of his family, of schools, social life, work, politics, religion, and Status. No index terms are provided.
  • Lapatic, Jim; Cardinal, Johnny (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-09-18)
    Describes how Papaschase took scrip and the members of his band scattered to various other reserves which were then compensated for the loss of the Papaschase Reserve land.
  • Chief, Jimmy; Chief, Charlie; LittlePopular, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-19)
    Interview of the grandsons of Little Bear who discuss lifestyle. They tell stories about Cree raids on Blackfoot;the hanging of Little Bear and murder of a storekeeper's son by a medicine man. Interpreter by Alphonse Littlepoplar.
  • Chief, Jimmy; Greenwood, Joanne (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-08-09)
    Joanne Greenwood, Transcriber This tape has not yet been translated.
  • Chief, Jimmy; Mountain, Mary (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973-07-23)
    The interview includes a story of the Grandson of Little Bear was was hung for his part in the Frog Lake massacre. Other stories included the tale of Chuh Chuh,a warrior who scalped a Blackfoot Chief; stories of medicine ...
  • Izbister, Jimmy; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-07-12)
    Mr. Izbister discusses life in La Ronge before and after the road came as well as the early meetings of the Metis Association and problems in the north resulting from welfare payments.
  • John, Jimmy; Whitehead, Margaret (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1979-06-29)
    Consists of an interview where he mentions a smallpox epidemic in 1876, his life as a seal hunter and talks about an early missionary to his people.
  • John, Jimmy; Whitehead, Heather (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1979-06-29)
    Consists of an interview that is a very general discussion about potlatches.
  • Meneen, Jimmy; Crane, Ernest (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973)
    Intricacies of losing or gaining treaty status.

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