The mission of the oURspace digital repository is to share and preserve the scholarly, creative, and cultural work produced at the University of Regina.

oURspace provides U of R researchers with a free and secure option to deposit their research publications in an open access repository to meet funding agency requirements for open access. It also contains Theses and Dissertations from 2010 to present, documents from past projects such as the Indian History Film Project, all textbooks produced by the Open Textbook Program, and documents produced by many University departments.

oURspace is indexed by academic search engines such as Google Scholar and it is designed for long-term access to digital files. Publications in oURspace can also be assigned a digital object identifier (DOI) upon request.

If you are interested in sharing your work more broadly or you want to archive some of your past work, please email us at or use our submission form.

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  • Celebration of Authorship 2019-2020 

    Afolabi, Taiwo; Belisle, Donica; Beveridge, Daniel M.; Brigham, Mark; Duggleby, Jim; Fox, Bevann; Grimard, Céleste; Roberta, Jean; Hu, Shuchen; Koops, Sheena; Lewis, Patrick; Lockhart, Daniel; Marsh, Charity; Oehler, Alex; Petry, Yvonne; Powell, Marie; Pridmore, Helen; Reul, Barbara; Roberetson, Lloyd Hawkeye; Ruddell, Rick; Schultz, Christie; Stonechild, A. Blair (University of Regina Library, 2020-11)
    Archer Library is proud to unveil the 2019-20 University of Regina Celebration of Authorship Program booklet. The publication highlights University of Regina authors who submitted works they published in the last year.
  • Archer Library Annual Report 2019-20 

    University of Regina Library (University of Regina Library, 2020-11)
    The 2019-2020 Archer Annual Report provides a snapshot of the work of the dedicated staff of the Archer Library and Archives from May 2019 to April 2020 as they continue their support and leadership within the University ...
  • Copyright in Libraries 2020 

    Winter, Christina; Langrell, Kate (2020-04-30)
  • Copyright Support for Scholarly Communications 

    Dandar, Devina; Kazakoff-Lane, Carmen; Langrell, Kate; Winter, Christina (2020)
  • News (Faculty of Business Administration) : Vol. 14, No. 27 

    Unknown author (Faculty of Business Administration, University of Regina, 2020-09-28)

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