Sketchbook - Ottawa - Gatineaux to Regina," Ken Lochhead, 1950.

Saskatchewan's visual arts are celebrated in this innovative, online, archival exhibit. Developed by the University of Regina Archives and Special Collections, this exhibit explores the significant link between the creation of the Saskatchewan Arts Board in 1948 and the artistic initiative experienced post 1950.

The project reflects on those artists that have raised the profile of visual arts within Saskatchewan, following the establishment of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. The Arts Board's mandate to provide financial support to the Arts encouraged a new level of artistic growth within Saskatchewan and made way for some of the province's most noteworthy and memorable artists.

The exhibit will examine the contributions of eight notorious Saskatchewan artists, consisting of: Ken Lochhead, Art McKay, Ron Bloore, Ted Godwin, Doug Morton, Jack Sures, Joe Fafard and Vic Cicansky. These artists are noted for their energy and determination to bring the art world to Saskatchewan. Under their guidance and participation organizations like: the Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, the Department of Art at Regina College and at the Emma Lake Artist Workshops, flourished.

Over 150 mesmerizing documents have been scanned or photographed from the Archives. This material includes unique archival materials like plans and sketches as well as original artwork such as paintings and prints. Also captured in the exhibit are photographs, slides and audio interviews with the artists. This fascinating range of material presents a rare look into the lives and work of these individual artists.

The material in these collections date from the early 1950's to the present, with the anticipation of new acquisitions. The exhibit is intended to be a communal space where historians, artists and other researchers may share information and material; thereby filling the gaps of Saskatchewan's Visual Arts: Post 1950.


Last reviewed: 2012-Sep-24