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Online archives of universities, colleges, funding agencies, and other institutions - known as "repositories" - are key components of the emerging digital research infrastructure and can help ensure the widest possible sharing of [scholarly work].

These repositories collect, preserve, and provide free, unrestricted online access to all types of institutional research outputs - seamlessly linking data, knowledge, and scholars. *

oURspace is the University of Regina's institutional repository. It is a part of Archives and Special Collections, and thus a part of the Dr. John Archer Library. It links data, knowledge and scholars via the materials it holds.


This document is designed to articulate the policies, responsibilities, and rights of, and relevant to, the University of Regina's institutional repository oURspace.

In accordance with the mandate of the Archives and Special Collections department of the Dr. John Archer Library, oURspace makes academic and administrative publications available to the campus and broader community. These publications include theses, scholarly articles, conference presentations and University publications such as journals, calendars, newsletters, and public reports.


oURspace is the institutional repository for scholarly literature, research results, official communications, and materials which define the cultural context of University of Regina, its faculty, researchers, staff, and students.

The Archives and Special Collections department of the Dr. John Archer Library - the Archives, preserves the academic and cultural heritage of the University of Regina.

The Dr. John Archer Library - the Library, is an essential partner in the research and instructional endeavours of the University of Regina providing an information infrastructure rooted in a knowledgeable and responsive staff, a sound collection base, and the continuous pursuit of collaborative opportunities to expand access to scholarly information resources.

Library and Archives Canada or LAC, collects and preserves Canada's documentary heritage, and makes it accessible to all Canadians. Theses Canada acquires and preserves a comprehensive collection of Canadian theses at LAC, to provide access to this valuable research within Canada and throughout the world.

DSpace is an open source software system for building digital, institutional repositories.

• A Community is both a group of people within the University and the highest content grouping within oURspace. There is generally one oURspace Community for each University Community.

• A Collection is a logically organized group of Items.

• An Item is an individual submission in oURspace. An Item consists of Metadata and one or more files or Bitstreams.

• A Bitstream is a digital file, taking many familiar forms such as a PDF file, a web-page, an image, &c.

Metadata is the information which describes an Item. Literally, it is data about data.

• A Full Item, sometimes called a Full-text Item, is an Item where the full text or full content of the submitted Bitstream are openly accessible. Conversely, some licenses may require that only abstract or draft Items may be held in the repository.

• A Uniform Resource Identifier or URI is comprised of an identity: a Uniform Resource Name or URN and a URL.

• A Universal Resource Locator or URL is an internet address. (e.g.

• A Handle is unique, permanent URL. Each Item in oURspace has a Handle which points to the Item.

• A Submitter or Depositor is the entity who places an Item into oURspace and provides the associated Metadata.

• An Owner is the entity who holds copyright for or has a license to use materials.

• A Publisher is the entity who brings a work to market. The Publisher may also be the Owner.

• An Author is the entity who creates the work. The Author may also be the Owner or Submitter.

• The Administrator is the entity who manages and maintains oURspace.

• A Coordinator or Liaison is the entity who represents the Community working with oURspace.


Community Responsibilities:

  1. The Community will assign a coordinator or liaison who will work with oURspace.
  2. The Community will notify oURspace of organizational changes affecting submissions.
  3. The Community will observe the relevant policies of the University, the Library, the Archives, and oURspace, and educate themselves regarding these policies.
  4. The Community will clear copyright for items submitted when the copyright owner is someone other than the author, authors or submitters. The Community will produce documentation to this effect if requested.

oURspace's Responsibilities:

  1. oURspace will retain and maintain content submitted to oURspace.
  2. oURspace will endeavor to apply accepted preservation techniques to content.
  3. oURspace will notify the Community of significant changes to content format.


Community Rights:

  1. The Community will decide policy regarding content to be submitted to their Community, and abide by all superseding oURspace, Library and University policies.
  2. The Community decides on who may submit content within their Community.
  3. The Community approves the addition or elimination of Sub-Communities.

oURspace's Rights:

  1. oURspace may refuse or de-accession items or Collections under certain circumstances as outlined in "Withdrawal Policy".
  2. oURspace may re-negotiate terms of original agreement with the Community.
  3. oURspace may perform appraisal should a Community cease to exist.
  4. oURspace may move Collections to reflect current understanding between oURspace and its Communities.
  5. oURspace may migrate items.
  6. oURspace may set quotas (size of files, number of items) to determine what constitutes free service and after which point to charge a fee.
  7. oURspace may charge fees for activities requiring extensive centralized support from Information Resources (e.g. large amount of de-accessioning or batch-loading).



  1. Items to be deposited must be scholarly literature, research results, official communications, or materials which define the cultural context of University of Regina.
  2. Anyone may access Full Items free of charge.
  3. Copies of Full Items can be reproduced, displayed, performed, and given to third parties in any format or medium for personal research or study, educational, or not-for-profit purposes without prior permission or charge provided:
    1. The Author's name, title, and full bibliographic details are given;
    2. A URI or Handle of the original Item in oURspace is provided; and
    3. The content is not changed in any way.
    Optionally and preferably oURspace itself should be mentioned, but it is not mandatory.
  4. Some Items may have different rights, permissions and conditions for use, all of which may take precedence over terms of the Collection, Community, or the whole of oURspace.
  5. Full items cannot be sold in any format or medium without formal permission of the copyright holders.
  6. Automatic harvests of Full Items may only be conducted and retained:
    1. Transiently for search engine full-text indexing or citation analysis; and
    2. Indefinitely by Library and Archives Canada, or its delegates, for Theses Canada.


  1. Anyone may access the Metadata free of charge.
  2. The Metadata may be re-used in any medium without prior permission for not-for-profit purposes provided the URI of the original Item in oURspace is given.
  3. The Metadata cannot be re-used in any medium for commercial purposes without formal permission.


  1. Items may only be deposited by current members of the University of Regina. These are the faculty, emeritus faculty, employees, students, or their delegated agents.
  2. Depositors must deposit Metadata for all their submissions.
  3. The validity and authenticity of the Content of submissions is the sole responsibility of the Depositor.
  4. oURspace vets Items only for:
    1. The eligibility of Authors and Depositors;
    2. The Item's relevance to the scope of oURspace;
    3. Valid layout and format of the Item; and
    4. The exclusion of spam and computer viruses.
  5. The integrity of the deposited Item is the responsibility of oURspace.
  6. Where a Publisher or Funder embargo period exists, the Items subject to that embargo may not be deposited until that period has expired.
  7. Any copyright violations are entirely the responsibility of the Authors or Depositors.
  8. There are some Full Items which cannot be deposited in respect of publishing agreements or the rights of other copyright holders. These Items may be submitted as Metadata-only Items.


  1. oURspace will ensure that the repository's Items are properly and regularly indexed so that the items can be found via web search engines and institutional repository searches.
  2. oURspace will gather access statistics and regularly publish those statistics.


  1. Items will be archived indefinitely.
  2. oURspace will try to ensure continued readability and accessibility of the deposited items. It may not be possible to guarantee the readability of some file formats. To this end, oURspace has published and maintains a list and procedures for the formats which are readable and accessible.
  3. oURspace will continue to work with external partners to record preservation Metadata and backup items in external storage.
  4. oURspace, or a delegate, regularly backs up repository contents, both the Items and associated Metadata, according to current best practice.
  5. In the event that oURspace is closed, the Items and associated Metadata will be transferred to another appropriate archive.


  1. Items once deposited cannot be changed.
  2. If oURspace receives proof of copyright violation, the relevant item will be withdrawn.
  3. Withdrawn Items will be replaced with a Tombstone Item. This will ensure that citations to the withdrawn Item will continue to be valid.
  4. The Handles of any withdrawn items are retained indefinitely.
  5. The Metadata of withdrawn items will not be indexed.

Policies Revision:

  1. oURspace reserves the right to modify these policies to address new problems and opportunities as they are recognized.
  2. Any revisions made will be done respecting all existing terms and agreements for holdings in the repository.
  3. Revised policies will be posted along with these existing policies.

The following documents inform these policies and may be consulted in connection to them:

Guidelines for the University of Regina Campus Digital Archive
The policies in this Guidelines document are superseded by the oURspace Policies document.

University of Regina Archives and Special Collections Policy

University of Regina Dr. John Archer Library Mission Statement

University of Regina Copyright Information

University of Calgary Institutional Repository Policies

About USpace, The University of Utah's Institutional Repository

DSpace Policy Issues FAQ
  [Internet Archive - Jun 07,2007]

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Prepared by: Donald Johnson, the Library Digital Collections Administrator
Approved by: Librarians' and Archivists' Council, Dr. John Archer Library
Date: 2009, October 15
Source: oURspace-Policies_2012-Oct-26.docx : DJ/dj
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