6 ways the UR Guarantee Program guarantees academic and career success for students

By University Advancement and Communications Posted: April 29, 2021 8:00 a.m.

University of Regina students who enrol in the UR Guarantee program will learn skills to help them thrive throughout their degree program and into their career.
University of Regina students who enrol in the UR Guarantee program will learn skills to help them thrive throughout their degree program and into their career. UAC

Megan Brooks BISW'19
Photo provided by Megan Brooks

Megan Brooks is an alumna of the Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work program, working her dream job, and making a difference in the community. As a social worker at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, Megan provides support for patients along every step of their recovery journey.

This career success, however, didn't come without a few bumps in the road. Between juggling classes, group projects, and coursework, Megan was overwhelmed after her first semester. Wanting to get her studies on track and set herself up for career success, Megan enroled in the UR Guarantee program and never looked back.

With the UR Guarantee Program, which is open to all U of R students, advisors provide students with many career building services including:
-academic counseling;
-resume writing tips;
-mock interviews;
-scholarship opportunities;
-relevant volunteer experience; and,
-personal goal setting.

Megan shared some words of wisdom about her experience with UR Guarantee and how the program helped her thrive during her time as a student and into her career.

UR Guarantee helps students navigate the transition from high school to university.

"I struggled to prioritize myself and my self-preservation during a busy first semester and burnt myself out," said Megan.

"Through my work with the UR Guarantee counsellors, I learned how to balance my schoolwork with proper self-care. By prioritizing my sleep schedule, meditation, exercise, and time with friends and family, I was able to be much more successful through the rest of my degree," she added.

Get set up for academic and career success.

"The program provided critical academic supports to help me with my course work, and non-academic supports to ensure I got the most out of my university experience and graduated career-ready," said Megan.

Make the most of the university experience.

"The UR Guarantee advisors encouraged me to get involved on campus," said Megan. "With this encouragement, I volunteered with the Student Energy in Action for Regina Community Health clinic and joined the Social Work Students' Society. This experiential learning gave me some great hands-on experience, and I made a lot of friends through these programs too!"

Students will become more confident in themselves.

"As I cultivated my belief in myself, I made more friends, took greater risks in my research, and honed my skills as a social worker," Megan stated.

Learn valuable skills to enhance job prospects.

"When I was closer to graduation, the advisors taught me skills like strong resume writing and using self-promoting language when applying for jobs," said Megan. "These skills were critical throughout my job search process."

Students who complete the UR Guarantee program will have a leg up in landing their dream job.

"I believed the UR Guarantee program would prepare me for the career world post-graduation," said Megan. "Through the program, I learned many valuable skills and ultimately was able to graduate and get my dream job as a social worker!"

New students that sign up within their first year and complete all elements of the UR Guarantee program who do not secure career-related employment within six months of graduation are eligible to come back for another year of undergraduate classes, free of charge. That's the UR Guarantee.

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