UR Guarantee Student Profile of the Month: Larisa Tardif

Posted: August 8, 2013 11:00 a.m.

Larisa Tardif, film and video production student
Larisa Tardif, film and video production student Photo: Courtesy of UR Guarantee

My name is Larisa Tardif and I am a Film and Video Production student at the University of Regina.  I have just finished up my second year and am looking forward to some new classes in the fall semester. 

I chose the U of R because it is the only university in the prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) to have an undergraduate film program.  The program and the professors are very welcoming and encourage you to pursue anything you are truly interested in. After graduation, I’m hoping to work in the film industry, but it seems like it might be a little tricky given the recent loss of the Film Tax Credit. 

In this past year (2nd year of university), I have started to enjoy more and more documentary style filmmaking.  I find that letting a story develop from the ground up extremely fascinating.  Especially when things don’t quite turn out like you had anticipated, although frustrating, the job as a filmmaker is to make all of the elements come together in the end.  I would have never discovered this on my own and thanks to the support I’ve received at the U of R, documentary filmmaking is forever on my mind.

I joined the UR Guarantee Program already in my second year, but I did so because it was something I wanted to do during my entire first year but kept procrastinating.  I started thinking what have I got to lose if I join the program? The answer was “nothing” because the program has only helped me.  I like the idea of building my resume and the program is designed to do just that. The initial meeting with the advisor was very refreshing as the advisors are there to encourage you to reach your goals.  Thanks to the program, I have been able to build a solid resume, gain unique social and intellectual experiences, and the only cost was a little time and effort.

Because film is such a social and collaborative medium and industry, it becomes a question of “who you know,” and so, completing the student engagement portion of the program is so important.  While you’re trying to establish yourself as a young filmmaker, the student film festivals, meet and greets, and other social gatherings put on by the Film Student Society become key and can essentially be the difference between success and failure. The Academic Success seminars have also helped me in the past, specifically the seminars geared towards time management.  Like every other university student, projects, exams and personal life all need to be balanced and the program gives you the guidance needed to do so. Finally, the UR Guarantee Program has also encouraged me to volunteer in my community, which in turn has helped build my resume and has led to awesome work experience within my field of study.

First year students joining the UR Guarantee Program should not be afraid of the activities required.  At first, it may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t, and in the end, it’s only going to benefit you.  Sometimes it can seem overwhelming with so much going on during the school year, but try really hard not to put it on the back burner for too long!  It’s not difficult; it just takes a little commitment!