Release Date: January 2, 2003
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Regina-born jazz drummer brings his trio to town
The University of Regina Department of Music will host the Jon McCaslin Trio from Montreal in concert at the "Shu-Box" of the Riddell University Centre on Friday, Jan. 10 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets (at the door) are $8 and $6 for students and seniors. The performance is part of a western tour to introduce the trio’s new album “McCallum’s Island” which will be on sale at the concert.

The trio features Regina-raised drummer Jon McCaslin on set with Montrealers Paul Shrofel on piano and Miles Perkin on bass. McCaslin is now among the busiest free-lancers in the Montreal jazz scene.

The Jon McCaslin Trio is a new and exciting group of young jazz musicians dedicated to the performance of jazz music. Comprised of three creative, enthusiastic and talented individuals, this group is intent on making its mark on the Canadian jazz scene. Its repertoire includes arrangements of jazz standards as well as original works composed by McCaslin and other members of the group.

McCaslin is the trio's leader and music composer. A recent graduate of McGill University, Jon now holds his Master's in Jazz Performance. While at McGill Jon had the opportunity to mentor with some of Canada's finest jazz drummers including Andre White, Chris McCann, Dave Laing and Michel Lambert.

Recent engagements have seen Jon perform with of Charlie Biddle, Andre White, Brian Hurley, Louise Rose, Bob Moyer, Johanne Desforges, Jeff Johnston, Ed Lewis, Kelly Jefferson and the Montreal Jazz Big Band. Combining his talents, it is McCaslin’s objective to inject new energy into the Canadian jazz scene.

All the trio’s members are active in the jazz scene in Montreal. Combining a deep respect for the tradition of jazz with youthful energy and imagination, these young musicians represent the future of jazz in Canada.

Artistically, the trio offers a new, fresh and exciting perspective on the jazz tradition while at the same time integrating original works and concepts. The group's songbook includes a mixture of standards of the great American jazz composers such as Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Tadd Dameron, Thelonious Monk, Wayne Shorter as well as exciting original works. Their performances captivate jazz lovers and new audiences alike.

The CD, "McCallum's Island", is a collection of original works. It is an exciting mix of introspective group interplay and hard swinging grooves. While a drummer penned all of the compositions, it definitely is not a long string of drum solos. Rather it is a series of compositions rich in melody and texture with emphasis on a total group sound. McCaslin does however let his drumming talents shine in "Finding Farnsworth" and "Baltimore Road", and pays tribute to his favorite swing-era drummers in a two-part drum suite, "Stompy Jon".

A deeply committed jazz drummer, McCaslin combines a hard swinging and musical style of drumming with imaginative and creative compositions.