Release Date: December 4, 2003
Media Contact: James Duggleby
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Surround sound microphone captures inaugural innovation award
University of Regina fine arts faculty member Charles Fox, and co-inventor Wade McGregor, were presented with the first annual Award of Innovation at a reception held today by the award's sponsors, the University of Regina and Regina Research Park.

Fox and McGregor won the award for development of a modular microphone array capable of recording 360-degree surround sound. The invention - a first for microphone arrays - ensures simplicity, is lightweight and compact, and is easily transported and deployed in a variety of recording situations. 

The device is commercially targeted at audio engineers who record multichannel sound - both stereo and monaural - for musical performances, film and video production, broadcast, sound effects and soundscape recording, video gaming and theatrical productions, and virtually any other application using surround sound.

Fox is currently an assistant professor in the Media and Production Studies Department of the University's Faculty of Fine Arts. He holds a BA fine arts from the University of Guelph, and an MA fine arts from the University of Regina. McGregor is Principal Consultant of McSquared System Design Group, Inc. in Vancouver, BC.

The Award of Innovation, administered through the University-Industry Liaison Office, and sponsored by the Regina Research Park, rewards and promotes the efforts of researchers involved in the commercialization of their research. Award winners are selected by jury from a group of nominees who must be faculty members, staff or students at the University. Applications must be based on innovative or potentially commercializable technology from their research program or laboratory. Criteria include intellectual achievement, uniqueness and 
originality, stage of development and degree of commercialization, and the economic and social benefits to Saskatchewan or society in general.

"By bridging the gap between the world of fine arts, and the world of the sound engineering studio, Charlie and Wade have very aptly demonstrated the value of the inter-disciplinary approach this University has adopted toward research," said Allan Cahoon, vice-president (research and international) for the University of Regina. "With a potential market including major media production interests around the world, this device has tremendous potential for commercialization. We wish them every success."

Ken Loeppky, general manager of the Regina Research Park, added "the Regina Research Park is very pleased to sponsor this inaugural Award of Innovation, and commend Professor Fox and Mr. McGregor for their achievements in this innovative field."

The Award of Innovation includes a monetary award, a trophy, and a photo on the new Award of Innovation Wall.