Release Date: November 17, 2004
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U of R opens state of the art geomatics facility
The University of Regina officially opened one of the country’s most modern geomatics computer laboratories on November 17, which is World GIS (Geospatial Information System) Day.

“Geomatics technologies and services are one the fastest growing industries in Canada and we’re on the leading edge with this new lab,” said Ben Cecil, head of the U of R’s Department of Geography, where the lab is located. State of the art computers, software, and printing equipment were purchased in part with a $138,000 Western Economic Diversification (WD) grant from the federal government, he said.

“Geomatics is the power of a picture enhanced with volumes of embedded information,” Cecil said. “We can take many sets of data, combine them, and make them more easily understandable in a map image.”

The U of R lab is called TERRA – The Environmental Research and Response Applications lab. It is a state of the art geomatics facility with GIS, remote sensing and advanced statistical capabilities. It also has extensive digital, print/plotting and file storage infrastructure.

Senior undergraduate and graduate students and researchers currently using TERRA lab are addressing issues of climate change, greenhouse gas emission reductions through home renovations, wind power generation facility location, environmental stewardship in oil and gas exploration and a variety of issues related to water management, locally and internationally.

“TERRA lab gives U of R geography graduates an advantage. They’ll be ideally positioned to enter the marketplace in the public and private sectors alike where matters of environmental policy, industrial response and resource management are paramount,” Cecil said.

According to Cecil, anyone who may have a need to conduct spatial analyses will be interested in TERRA. For further information about TERRA lab, contact Ben Cecil, head of the Department of Geography, at 585-4034.