Release Date: March 8, 2005
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Coffee House Controversies: Tibet at Issue
This week's edition of the popular Coffee House Controversies sereies of lectures will focus on the thorny issue of Tibet's relationship with China. Is Tibet an integral part of China, as claimed by the Chinese government in Beijing? Or is Tibet a captive nation with the right to independence, as demanded by Tibet support groups and human rights groups? 

The issue has important implications for Sino-Canadian relations as well as for Canada's domestic policies. In this talk Dongyan Blachford, assistant professor of Mandarin Chinese and Mandarin Chinese language co-ordinator, will provide an overview of how the conflict has evolved over the past few centuries and where it stands now. 

Coffee House Controversies is a series of informal lectures on controversial topics, presented by the University of Regina's Faculty of Arts. Every second Thursday, a faculty member delivers a brief lecture, followed by a discussion with members of the audience. The general public is cordially to attend,

The informal talk will begin at 7:30 p.m., March10, 2005 at the Chapters bookstore behind the Southland Mall (2625 Gordon Road). It will consist of a 20-minute presentation, followed by 20 minutes of discussion. For more information, please contact Jennifer Arends at the Faculty of Arts, 585-4226 or