Release Date: June 30, 2005
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International solar car racers to check in at the University of Regina
The University of Regina will be an official checkpoint stop on the route of the North American solar Challenge (NASC), the world's longest solar car race and the only race to cross an international border.

The race starts in Austin, Texas on July 17 and ends in Calgary. Depending on their progress, the race cars and support vehicles will be stopping at the checkpoint at the University on Sunday, July 24 or Monday, July 25.

At the checkpoint stop, Climate Change Saskatchewan, the Office of Energy Conservation and the University invite the public to visit the Energy Tent, which features displays about environmentally friendly technology, environmental awareness programs and engineering. 

The most advanced fuel efficient and environmentally friendly automobiles available today, such as hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles, will be on display, as well as advanced technology research vehicles and alternative energy products. 

To date, participants of the event include the U of R Faculty of Engineering, Climate Change Saskatchewan, the Office of Energy Conservation, SaskPower, SaskEnergy, the City of Regina and Kelln Solar.

As well the public is invited to see the custom-designed cars at the checkpoint stop at the University, where there will be a map showing the progress of the teams as they race towards Regina. Officials from the city, the province and the University will be on hand to greet the racers and the public.

The solar cars are designed, built and raced by teams of students from 40 universities in the United States and Canada. NASC cars must be powered solely by sunshine. The cars usually travel at highway speeds and are required to obey local speed limits, but in general, the sunnier the day, the faster and farther the cars can run. The 4,000-kilometre NASC race is sponsored by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), the DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Natural Resources Canada.

For more details on the race, the rules, the cars, the teams and the challenge, go to the website For more information about the U of R checkpoint stop, please contact Rob Jones at and 585-4961.