Release Date: October 13, 2005
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Journalism School Celebrates 25 Years
Graduates of the University of Regina School of Journalism will converge on Regina this weekend to celebrate the school's 25th anniversary and reflect on the practice of journalism.

The events include a Friday night public forum titled "Telling Stories that Matter: The Practice of Journalism", beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the university's Education Auditorium. Six alumni will lead off the discussion, and respond to questions and comments from the public. 

"We're proud to have our own outstanding graduates reflect on their experiences in telling the stories that matter," said school head Patricia Bell. "It's our graduates who make us famous. They do great things in this province and far beyond, and they let people know they're from the U of R."

Pamela Wallin, a Minifie Lecturer in 1992 and now Canada's consul-general in New York, in a letter of greetings to alumni this week notes "the school's strong reputation may in part be due to its home in Saskatchewan. It's central to the prairie character to speak forthrightly and honestly, or, as the journalist says, to speak truth to power."

The past 25 years have ushered in many changes in the field of journalism, as newsrooms cope with smaller budgets, a faster news pace and emerging technologies, said Bell. There is a greater demand for multi-skilled journalists who work equally well in print, broadcast and other media forms - something the school has always emphasized. The school also promotes critical thinking and analysis skills needed in an increasingly complicated world.

"It is becoming even more apparent that a journalism school education in a university setting prepares young people to make a difference," Bell said.

On Saturday there will be workshops for alumni, covering topics such as digital media and the relationship between communications officers and journalists. The workshops will be followed by a banquet and program of memories. Event details can be found at, or by calling 585-4420.