Release Date: March 17, 2006
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Summer University offers unique courses
Summer University 2006 gives students the opportunity to complete courses toward their academic programs in just a few short weeks. This year, the University of Regina has added some unique offerings to its more than 200 spring/summer semester courses; these include the Summer Graduate Institute in Education, the Summer Intensive Program in Inclusive Education and Musical Theatre for a New Millennium.

The Summer Graduate Institute in Education is titled, “Anti-Oppressive Education and Teacher Activism: How Far Will You Go?” The course will focus on critical theory and practice for teachers and community leaders interested in addressing issues of inequality in education. The Summer Intensive Program in Inclusive Education addresses issues surrounding students with special needs, offering two courses: “Autism and Pervasive Development Disorders” and “Functional Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support in School and Community.” The first course outlines visual teaching strategies to support students with autism in their studies; the second teaches ways to program around challenging behaviour in the classroom.

Musical Theatre for a New Millennium is an intensive credit program designed to help students to adapt and grow as performers. Using a themed approach, students from high school to the graduate level will take part in two weeks of dance, singing, acting, writing and production that culminates in a performance.

Summer University 2006 offers students the opportunity to catch up on missed courses, take prerequisite courses, accelerate their programs, accommodate work schedules, or pursue professional development. Courses are offered in all areas from administration to women's studies and in all levels from introductory to graduate. Current students, new students, visiting students from other universities and/or regional colleges, and Campus Saskatchewan students are eligible to register for Summer University 2006 courses. The course schedule is online at

For more information about Summer University 2006, call Christine Crowe at 585-5819.