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U of R professor wins Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation Award
University of Regina professor Dr Thomas Hadjistavropoulos has been awarded a prestigious 2006 Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) Achievement Award. The award, which was presented to Hadjistavropoulos on December 7 in Saskatoon, recognizes his important work “as an expert on pain among seniors and a leading thinker on the ethics of pain management.”

Hadjistavropoulos is a professor of psychology at the University of Regina, and is the Director of the University’s Centre on Aging and Health. His continuing research has led him and his students to develop and validate a variety of assessment methodologies including a pain assessment checklist for seniors who have limited ability to communicate as a result of dementia. This checklist is now in use in different facilities to help ensure that seniors with dementia receive appropriate treatment for their pain.

The 2006 SHRF Achievement Award helps emphasize the growing awareness of how important it is to assess and manage pain among those who have difficulty expressing it, according to Hadjistavropoulos.

“Pain among seniors with dementia is often undertreated because such patients have difficulty expressing themselves verbally,” he said. “As a result, caregivers become less likely to recognize signs of pain and pain problems can go undetected. I am grateful that our efforts to change this situation have been recognized in this way.”

“Dr. Hadjistavropoulis is an extremely accomplished scholar and researcher,” U of R President and Vice-Chancellor Robert Hawkins said. “His continuing research makes him a deserving recipient of this award, and we are very proud of him for the important work he does to help ease the suffering of seniors in Saskatchewan and beyond.”

The 2006 SHRF Achievement Award is part of a long list of honours awarded to Hadjistavropoulos in recent years. These honours include:
• being named the first RBC senior fellow in June, 2006.
• receiving a Group Medical Services Saskatchewan Healthcare Excellence Award in March, 2006.
• being named president-elect of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) effective June, 2006. He will become president of the national organization in June, 2007.
• being elected in 2004 to the status of Fellow of the CPA’s Section on Clinical Psychology, for distinguished contributions to clinical psychology in Canada.
• receiving the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Investigator Award in 2002.

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