Release Date: July 3, 2007
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Employment prospects very good for recent U of R graduates
Recent graduates from the University of Regina have just received some good news courtesy of a recent study conducted by the Government of Saskatchewan’s Department of Advanced Education and Employment. Based on data collected this year from students who graduated in 2004-2005, the study revealed that University of Regina graduates have the highest employment rate of any post-secondary institution in the province at 97.5 percent.

Other key findings include:
• 92.8% of graduates who attended the U of R reported being satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of teaching in their program – the highest percentage out of the institutions included in the survey.
• 11.9% of U of R graduates were of Aboriginal descent – second only to the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies.
• About 83% of U of R, U of S and SIAST students reported that their jobs were related to the program from which they graduated, and 90% of graduates said their education was helpful in getting their current job.
• At the time of graduation, the average debt of U of R students was $11,308; half of the U of R graduates owed less than $500.

“As an institution, we are very encouraged by the results of the study, and we believe our students and graduates should be as well,” said Dr. Jim Tomkins, President of the U of R. “We are dedicated to providing quality, relevant education across all disciplines at the U of R, and this study confirms that our graduates have strong employment prospects both in the province and beyond.”

A total of 5,839 post-secondary graduates from the University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan, SIAST, the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies, the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission and 23 private vocational schools responded to the survey. The survey population for the U of R consisted of 1,439 recipients of credit credentials (degrees, diplomas and certificates) during calendar 2004; 698 (48.5%) completed the survey, although not all answered every question.

The study, which was conducted in late 2006 and early 2007 by Insightrix Research Services on behalf of Advanced Education and Employment, surveyed graduates of the province’s post-secondary educational institutions who received their degrees, diplomas or certificates in 2004 or in the 2004-05 academic year. The purpose of the survey was to determine graduate satisfaction with their post-secondary experiences and graduate employment outcomes approximately two years after graduation.

A copy of the complete study is available at: