Release Date: March 31, 2009
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University of Regina, Campion College, Luther College and First Nations University of Canada celebrate longstanding federation agreements
At a ceremony held today, the University of Regina and its three Federated Colleges unveiled a lasting monument designed to celebrate their longstanding federation agreements.

U of R President Vianne Timmons, Campion College President Benjamin Fiore, S.J., Luther College President Bruce Perlson and First Nations University of Canada President Charles Pratt together uncovered a granite plaque commemorating the institutions' shared history and affirming their commitment to a common academic vision.  An identical plaque will be permanently installed in the coming weeks at each of the Federated Colleges, as well as at a location on the main campus. 

Each of the four monuments reads:

"This plaque commemorates the distinguished history and affirms the commitment to respect and co-operation shared by the University of Regina and its three academic partners - Campion College, Luther College and First Nations University of Canada.

In the decades since we signed our federation agreements, thousands of students, faculty and staff have learned, taught and worked on a campus that respects institutional independence and individual goals and needs, while understanding the importance of, and embracing, a shared academic purpose.

Our partnerships will continue to celebrate our diversity while recognizing that we truly are greater together."

The partnerships between the U of R and the Federated Colleges are important for many reasons, said Timmons.

"Historically, these academic partnerships are significant because they either predated or came into being shortly after 1974, when the University of Regina became an autonomous institution," she said.  "As a result, the University and the Federated Colleges have truly developed together over the past several decades.  The partnerships are also important because they acknowledge our common academic and social purpose while at the same time respecting the autonomy that the University of Regina and each of its partner institutions has."

Campion became a Federated College in 1966, Luther joined federation in 1968, and FNUniv was formed as the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College in 1976.

Today's event was part of what will be an annual celebration jointly sponsored by the U of R and the Federated Colleges.  At 7:30 p.m. tonight, Chilean human rights documentary photographer Carlos Reyes-Manzo will deliver the inaugural "Forward Together" public lecture in the Education Auditorium at the University of Regina.  Admission to this public lecture is free.