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University of Regina launching full-time master of social work
The University of Regina will be launching a full-time master of social work program at its Saskatoon Campus in September 2010.

Previously, students in Saskatoon could only take a master of social work on a part-time basis. Students wishing to take a master of social work on a full-time basis had to study in Regina.
"This decision was made in response to requests from Saskatoon, Prince Albert and surrounding communities to provide a full-time masters program at the Saskatoon Campus," says Dr. David Schantz, dean of the faculty of social work.
Course offerings are being increased at the Saskatoon campus to make this possible. Applications must be submitted by February 15, 2010.

The University of Regina - the only university in Saskatchewan to offer degrees in social work - has offered a bachelor of social work degree in Saskatoon since 1973, and part-time graduate classes were first offered in Saskatoon in 2003. Currently more than 200 students are enrolled in the undergraduate program at the Saskatoon Campus. The U of R also offers part-time undergraduate classes in social work at 16 locations throughout Saskatchewan, with 116 students. As well, another 30 students are enrolled in two on-line courses.

"Today's announcement means students can earn their Master of Social Work on a full-time basis in either Saskatoon or Regina," says Dr. Schantz.