Two University of Regina professors win award for most influential paper at international conference

News Release Release Date: June 29, 2011 12:00 p.m.

Two University of Regina computer science professors have won a major international award for their influential research paper. The Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining presented the Most Influential Paper award to Dr. Robert Hilderman and Dr. Howard Hamilton in Shenzhen, China.

Although computer systems can collect and store massive amounts of information, their paper looks at ways that such data can be examined - or "mined" - so that interesting and relevant material can by used by businesses, by, for example, identifying buying patterns and quantities of sales.

Each year, the Steering Committee for the Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining reviews the papers presented at the conference 10 years ago to recognize one that offered a significant new idea that challenged or changed thinking in the knowledge discovery research community. In considering all of the papers published at the conference in 2001, the Steering Committee chose the paper entitled Evaluation of Interestingness Measures for Ranking Discovered Knowledge by Hilderman and Hamilton. In this paper, they suggest an automated approach that identifies the most interesting patterns by ordering and ranking them according to objective criteria.

"I am very pleased that our paper is being recognized for its substantial contribution to the science of data mining, " says Hilderman. He adds this international attention enhances the reputation of the University of Regina in other countries.  "This paper is frequently cited by researchers in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States."

For more information contact Robert Hilderman at or 585-4061 or Howard Hamilton at or 585-4079