Help us revitalize College Avenue campus

Posted: June 9, 2014 1:45 p.m.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Howard Leyton-Brown, former director of the Conservatory of Performing Arts tells his story about the value of College Avenue campus. VIDEO: Courtesy of Donor Relations

For more than 100 years, the College Avenue campus has brought together people from the local community, across the province, and around the world in the pursuit of learning. Today, the University of Regina is restoring this historic jewel – preserving its spirit and re-affirming its place at the heart of teaching and learning in Regina.

Daylene Sliz, a Public Relations student with the Center for Continuing Education located at College Avenue campus, believes the concept of renewal has many benefits; “The paradox of seeing this historic facade with a state-of-the-art interior would be amazing and really benefit the entire city for years to come.”

Through Building Knowledge – The College Avenue Campus Renewal Project, our historical campus will be infused with a new energy for its next century of use, with young people on stage, grandparents in the classroom, business leaders in symposia, and civil servants in lecture halls. This revitalized campus will be known as the University of Regina Leadership and Outreach Centre (LOC) and will offer a multitude of benefits to the community.

The fall/winter edition of Degrees magazine featured many stories on College Avenue campus. We are also pleased to present to you a video featuring Professor Emeritus Dr. Howard Leyton-Brown, former director of the Conservatory of Performing Arts. Listen to his story, presented from Darke Hall on the College Avenue campus. We think that you'll agree when he says that “Regina is remarkably lucky to have the College Avenue campus – I think it's a wonderful place.”

We have already reached the half-way mark towards our $10 million fundraising goal. You are invited to consider designating a gift to this important initiative. Our vision to revitalize and preserve the campus for our community can only be done through the support of friends like you. To make an investment in our community’s future, please follow the link:

If you have already supported the College Avenue Campus Renewal Project, thank you so much for your support!

Please call 306-585-4024 or 1-877-779-4723 to learn more or visit our website at