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    • Characterization of Clinical and Environmental Isolates of Pantoea 

      Nadarasah, Geetanchaly; Stavrinides, John (University of Regina Graduate Students' Association, 2011-04-02)
      The genus, Pantoea, belongs to a family of Gram negative bacteria that have been found to colonize many hosts, including humans. Pantoea can be found in the general environment, including plants, soil, ground, and clinical ...
    • Phylogenetic Analysis and Characterization of Plant, Environmental, and Clinical Strains of Pantoea 

      Nadarasah, Geetanchaly (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2012-03)
      Multihost bacterial pathogens are an increasing concern as more bacterial species are found to cause harm to humans. Pantoea is recognized as a multihost pathogen, colonizing various hosts including plants, insects, and ...