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    • Advanced Photo Sensors for Particle and Medical Physics 

      Tahani, Mehrnoosh (University of Regina Graduate Students' Association, 2011-04-01)
      In recent years, tremendous effort has been expended on subatomic physics, with the building of new laboratories to better understand the natural laws governing the universe. Jefferson Lab, one of these Laboratories in the ...
    • Large Area MultiPixel Photon Counters on the Search for Exotic Hybrid Mesons at GlueX 

      Tahani, Mehrnoosh (Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Regina, 2012-07)
      The GlueX project aims to elucidate the confinement property of quantum chromodynamics. Silicon PhotoMultipliers (SiPMs) will be the readout for the GlueX Barrel Calorimeter (BCAL), a key subsystem of the detector designed ...