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This collection highlights some of the research and presentations of Mark Vajcner, University Archivist at the University of Regina.


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    The University of Regina's Use of Digitization as an Access Tool
    (2013-05-30) Vajcner, Mark
    This paper outlines several digital projects undertaken at Archives and Special Collections at the University of Regina. The focus is on the contextual links, built into each project, and the ability of these links to enhance access to, and understanding of, the digitized archival materials.
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    Saskatchewan's Visual Arts: Developing a Contextualized Digital Collection
    (2012-05-04) Vajcner, Mark
    This paper discusses a provincially-funded initiative to digitize select archival materials relating to Saskatchewan artists since 1950. The project aims to present materials with as much contextual information as possible allowing clients to use the digital archive as a research collection.
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    Archives and Social Media
    (2011-07) Vajcner, Mark
    This report examines the growing use of social media by archives through a short literature review and survey of various Canadian archives and archivists. It concludes with a series of recommendations about social media use in archives and a draft social media strategy for the University of Regina.
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    Building the Archives: Collaboration between Artist and Archivist in Collection Development
    (2011-10-12) Vajcner, Mark
    This paper discusses the collaborative process of collection development employed by Archives and Special Collections at the University of Regina. It highlights the acquisition of artists' papers and touches on a recent initiative to build a digital archive of artists’ records.
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    The Importance of Context for Digitized Archival Collections
    (American Association for History and Computing, 2008-04) Vajcner, Mark
    Archival theory and practice have evolved to ensure the evidential value of records. The context of a record is fundamentally important to this process. While the publication of selected archival documents has always posed problems, this is now greatly amplified in the digital age. This article investigates some of the possible consequences of a loss of context in digital collections and encourages archivists to develop advanced finding aids linking contextual information to digitized materials.
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    Evidence and Accountability: Digital Archives and Public Policy
    (2009-05-16) Vajcner, Mark
    The traditional perception of archives as the exclusive domain of historians is being challenged. More than ever archives are viewed by the public as sources for evidence of rights and as instruments in the search for accountability. This paper discusses how archives may meet these expectations in the digital world.
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    Trends in Digitization on the Canadian Prairies: The Saskatchewan Experience
    (2007-11-12) Vajcner, Mark
    A brief introduction to digitization activity in Saskatchewan highlighting various collaborative efforts to place archival materials on the internet.
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    Digitization Efforts in the Saskatchewan Archival Community
    (2005-02-10) Vajcner, Mark
    A brief outline of digital collections in various Saskatchewan archives. Tracing development from the first on-line archival descriptions to virtual exhibits and projects such as the Northern Portal and the Prairie Populism project.
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    The Possibility of Partnerships in Archiving Electronic Records: A Proposal for the University of Manitoba
    (1998-05-28) Vajcner, Mark
    Electronic records pose specific challenges to long-established archival goals. In response archivists are establishing partnerships with stakeholders that have an interest in the long-term preservation of electronic information. This paper examines one such proposed partnership for the University of Manitoba.
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    Context and Digitization: Towards a New Model for Archives
    (2008-02) Vajcner, Mark
    While researchers are dependent on the soundness of archival records, most archival research is not based on a method that considers provenance, origins, and context carefully. Researchers may not be aware of the loss of context that is rampant with digitized archival materials and the corresponding loss of evidential and research value. The proposed thesis will examine current digitization strategies, and their shortcomings, by collecting experiences of both digitization practitioners and users. The final research aim is to identify the components necessary in building a digitization project model that is both true to archival principles and that is also an effective resource for archival researchers.
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    Reaching Out from the Other Side of the Reference Desk: A User's Perspective on Evolving Library Services
    (2008-04-25) Vajcner, Mark
    As service delivery models change, and as librarians increasingly reach out to their communities, some users reach back. The last few years have seen profound changes in the academic library environment reflecting seminal changes in academia. Publishing models, research tools, and scholarly communication have all been revolutionized. As libraries adapt, researchers do as well. This paper provides some personal reflections on the changing role of libraries.