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    Everything Old is New Again: The 2008 Assessment and Evaluation Program Proposal Revisited
    (University of Regina Library, 2016-04-10) Sgrazzutti, William
    The University of Regina Library has for several years engaged in assessment related activities. The University Librarian and the Associate University Librarian (Planning and Assessment) expressed a desire to explore what a coordinated, planned approach to assessment (i.e., an assessment program) might look like when based on best practices across academic libraries. The focus of this report is on the Assessment and Evaluation (AE) Program presented to Librarians’ Council on March 20, 2008. The AE Program provides the framework for a coordinated approach to assessment and planning, fostering a culture of assessment within the Library that will have a positive impact on decision making and priority setting. The AE Program is reconsidered from the perspective of the current Library and University environment and trends in academic libraries specific to library assessment programming. The distributed model currently employed by the Library stems in part from the partial implementation of the AE Program. THIS RECORD IS AVAILABLE THROUGH UNIVERSITY OF REGINA ARCHIVES.
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    University of Regina Library and First Nations University of Canada Library - Collaboration and Opportunity
    (University of Regina Library, 2016-04-21) Sgrazzutti, William
    The University of Regina Library (Library) and First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) Library have built a strong collaborative relationship over many years. There is a desire for clarification as to the extent of services the Library currently provides to FNUniv and whether these services fall within the scope of core infrastructure support. This is necessary in order for the University of Regina (University) to demonstrate how it is using the money it receives from the Federal Government to provide infrastructure services to FNUniv. The research for this report was informed by in-person and phone interviews during November and December 2015, with follow up e-mail communication as necessary. 27 participants from various University departments and FNUniv were interviewed. The report provides an overview of the services the Library currently provides. Core infrastructure services are highlighted. Opportunities for further collaboration are identified. There are 26 recommendations for the Library and FNUniv Library to consider. THIS RECORD IS AVAILABLE THROUGH UNIVERSITY OF REGINA ARCHIVES.
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    The On-Site Librarian Services Project: Progress Report
    (University of Regina Library, 2007-06-28) Sgrazzutti, William
    A progress report documenting activities related to the On-Site Librarian Services Pilot Project for the period Fall Semester 2006 through to the end of Winter Semester 2007.
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    Library Liaison: A Philosophy of Service Provision
    (University of Regina Library, 2006-09-08) Sgrazzutti, William
    This report highlights best practices in liaison and sets out recommendations specific to the Archer Library’s Academic Liaison Program, and considerations for “next steps” to further develop the library’s liaison program overall.