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This collection contains some of the work of the librarians, archivists, and other staff of the Dr. John Archer Library.


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    Canadian Collaborations: Library Communications and Advocacy in the time of COVID-19
    (2021-08-27) Winter, Christina; Swartz, Mark; Owen, Victoria; Ludbrook, Ann; Selman, Brianne; Tiessen, Robert
    The COVID-19 pandemic forced libraries to unexpectedly and suddenly close their physical locations, necessitating a remote working environment and a greater reliance on digital and virtual services. While libraries were in a better position than most sectors due to decades of experience in licensing and acquiring digital content and offering virtual services such as chat reference, there still were some services and resources that traditionally had only been offered in a face-to-face environment, or were available in print only. There were questions in the Canadian library community about how, and if these programs could be delivered online and comply with Canadian copyright law. This article will describe the access and copyright challenges that Canadian libraries faced during the first nine months of the pandemic and will outline the collaborative efforts of the Canadian library copyright community to respond to these challenges.
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    Treasuring Robinson Crusoe: 300 Years of Adventure Symposium
    (University of Regina Library, 2019-11) Quiring, Arlysse; Cawood, Jason; Shires, Michael
    To help celebrate the 300th anniversary of the publication of the book Robinson Crusoe in 1719, the University of Regina Dr. John Archer Library, in partnership with Luther College, hosted a day-long symposium titled Treasuring Robinson Crusoe: 300 Years of Adventure Symposium. It took place on November 15, 2019 at Luther College, Regina, SK. Seven faculty members presented on various themes in the novel. This proceeding contains abstracts of all seven presentations: A “School of Defoe”?: Robinson Crusoe, Textual Integrity, and the Defoe Attribution Debate (Noel Chevalier, Dept. of English, Luther College), Castaway Religion: Robinson Crusoe Meets Hayy Ibn Yaqzan (Volker Greifenhagen, Dept. of Religious Studies, Luther College), Adaptation of Robinson Crusoe in Graphic Novels (Sylvain Rheault, La Cité, universitaire francophone), “This Death of a Life”: The Cannibal Conscience in Robinson Crusoe (Garry Sherbert, Dept. of English, Univ. of Regina), Reading Typology in Robinson Crusoe (Troni Grande, Dept. of English, Univ. of Regina), The Power-less Economics of Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (Rick Kleer, Dept. of Economics Univ. of Regina), Robinson Crusoe’s “The Horror of the Spectacle”: Cannibalism and Emotional Response in Robinson Crusoe (Jan Purnis, Dept. of English, Luther College).
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    GODOT/CUFTS New Interface Demo and ILL Request Form
    (2013-07-16) MacDonald, Carol
    Demonstration of the new GODOT/CUFTs interfaces for setup of the GODOT online interlibrary loan request form and for entering database descriptions to the CUFTS knowledge base. Both products are open source from Simon Fraser University Library.
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    Eulogy for Walter Raff
    (2010-06-24) Maslany, George
    George Maslany presented this eulogy for Walter Raff on June 24, 2010 at the Unitarian Fellowship in Regina, Saskatchewan.
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    Getting the Word Out :A Digital Archive for the Intellectual Property of the University of Regina
    (Dr. John Archer Library, University of Regina, 2006-10-25) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
    Presented to Deans’ Council October 25, 2006.
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    Campus Disconnect: Academic Libraries and the Information Needs, Skills, and Behaviors of Non-Teaching University Staff
    (University of Regina, Dr. John Archer Library, 2009-03-13) Bradley, Cara
    Paper originally presented at the ACRL 14th National Conference, March 13, 2009 in Seattle, Washington. This paper reports the results of a study that explores the information needs, skills, and behaviors of university non-teaching staff and the role of the academic library in addressing these needs.
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    Context and Digitization: Towards a New Model for Archives
    (2008-02) Vajcner, Mark
    While researchers are dependent on the soundness of archival records, most archival research is not based on a method that considers provenance, origins, and context carefully. Researchers may not be aware of the loss of context that is rampant with digitized archival materials and the corresponding loss of evidential and research value. The proposed thesis will examine current digitization strategies, and their shortcomings, by collecting experiences of both digitization practitioners and users. The final research aim is to identify the components necessary in building a digitization project model that is both true to archival principles and that is also an effective resource for archival researchers.
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    Reaching Out from the Other Side of the Reference Desk: A User's Perspective on Evolving Library Services
    (2008-04-25) Vajcner, Mark
    As service delivery models change, and as librarians increasingly reach out to their communities, some users reach back. The last few years have seen profound changes in the academic library environment reflecting seminal changes in academia. Publishing models, research tools, and scholarly communication have all been revolutionized. As libraries adapt, researchers do as well. This paper provides some personal reflections on the changing role of libraries.
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    Introduction to implementing an institutional repository
    (University of Regina, Dr. John Archer Library, 2007-09-21) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
    Presentation made to Technical Services staff on September 21, 2007.
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    Implications of CIHR Policy for CARL Members : A presentation on behalf of the CARL IR Working Group
    (University of Regina, Dr. John Archer Library, 2008-04-15) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
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    Submitting to the Campus Digital Archive : a Step-by-Step Guide
    (Dr. John Archer Library, University of Regina, 2009-07-14) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
    Provides screen-by-screen instructions for submitting materials to the University of Regina's campus digital archive.
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    Cataloging for the 21st century : a proposal for continuing education for cataloging professionals
    (American Library Association, ALCTS, 2003-08-08) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-; Canaan, Judith P.
    Proposal prepared by the Continuing Education Task Force.
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    Core cataloging for serials: an administrative perspective
    (Serials Review, 2001) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
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    Do You Approve of Approval Plans? : Proof of Concept in College/University Library Partnership Environment
    (2008-02-14T21:05:57Z) Ashoughian, Gohar; Eykelhof, Alexander
    Approval plans are common instruments for collection development in the university library setting, however very few community colleges use this approach in their practice. E-Approval plans or Virtual Approval plans are new and are being introduced in academic libraries. Learn how the University of Guelph-Humber creatively and successfully proved that approval plans can become a reality for college libraries in a consortium environment.
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    First We Build Them, Then What? : The Future of Institutional Repositories
    (2005-11-22) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
    The article discusses the current state of IR development and outlines a direction that IRs in the U.S. can effectively take.
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    Content In, Content Out: The Dual Roles of the Reference Librarian in Institutional Repositories
    (2005) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-; Jenkins, Barbara; Breakstone, Elizabeth
    The development of institutional repositories has typically involved administrative and technical staff from libraries and campuses, with little input from reference librarians and subject specialists. Reference librarians have vital roles to play in helping to recruit authors to submit their content to institutional repositories, as well as in educating users to search such repositories effectively and retrieve the scholarly content from them. The experience that reference librarians have in searching a wide array of databases also enables them to provide a useful perspective on the design of effective search interfaces for institutional repositories. Experience at the University of Oregon demonstrates the efficacy of involving reference librarians in the design and development of an institutional repository from the beginning.
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    A Chicken or an Egg : Planning Your Digital Project
    (University of Regina, Dr. John Archer Library, 2007-05-03) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
    Discusses the reasons why an institution would undertake to develop digital collections, identifies some of the challenges, and outlines issues to be considered in a project plan. Presented as part of the Digitization 101 Pre-Conference Workshop of the Saskatchewan Libraries Conference, Saskatoon, May 3, 2007.
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    Research and Scholarly Communication in the Humanities : New Partnerships Between Librarians and Scholars
    (University of Regina, Dr. John Archer Library, 2007-01-15) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
    How is the digital age affecting the way that humanities scholars conduct their research and share their results? What role can and should academic libraries play in supporting the new research and scholarly communication models that are developing? No longer merely the passive recipients of the end results of research and scholarly communication, today's academic librarians are stepping out from behind their desks and playing an active role in helping researchers and scholars not only locate research materials, but also develop research proposals, carry out their investigations, and share the results of their research. Carol Hixson, University Librarian at the University of Regina since September 2006, shares some of her thoughts and experiences on how she hopes to foster these new partnerships at the University of Regina.
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    You Say Pei-ching, I Say Beijing : Should We Call the Whole Thing Off
    (University of Oregon Libraries, 2000-07-09) Hixson, Carol G., 1955-
    The author discusses issues related to the conversion of bibliographic records for Chinese-language materials from the Wade-Giles to the Pinyin system of romanization. She discusses issues of particular relevance to libraries that do not have large collections of Chinese-language materials. The presentation was part of a panel discussion at the ALCTS/CCS/CC:AAM Program, Year of the Dragon, Mandate to Change, American Library Association Annual Conference, July 9, 2000.
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    Implementing an Institutional Repository
    (University of Regina, Dr. John Archer Library, 2007-03-29) Hixson, Carol G.
    Presentation on the rationale, technical issues, policies, resources, and marketing needed to implement an institutional repository. Presented March 29, 2007 as a pre-conference at the 16th North Carolina Serials Conference, Durham, North Carolina.
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