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@Archer is a monthly e-newsletter providing up-to-date information on programs, services, and teaching and learning resources from the Archer Library, the University Archives and the Centre for Teaching and Learning.


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    @Archer Spring/Summer 2016
    (University of Regina Library, 2016-05) Chipanshi, Mary; van der Ven, Gillian; Bowman, Donna; Holobetz, James; Cushon, Kate
    Colouring Helps to Relieve Stress at Exam Time; Dr. John Archer Library Award Recipient; 3D Printing Open at the Library; UR Copyright Services; CASLS Consortium Formed; Featured Database; UofR Librarian/Staff at the SLA Conference; Unshelved
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    @Archer Winter 2016
    (University of Regina Library, 2016-01) Chipanshi, Mary; van der Ven, Gillian; Bowman, Donna; Holobetz, James; Cushon, Kate
    Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications; Win U of R Bookstore Gift Cards!; Dr. John Archer Library Award; Copyright at the University of Regina; 3D Printing Open at the Library; Next Generation Library System; David Oancia Papers at Archives and Special Collections; De-stressing Exam Events Recap; The President’s Art Collection (PAC)
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    @Archer Fall 2015
    (University of Regina Library, 2015-09) van der Ven, Gillian; Chipanshi, Mary; Bowman, Donna; Holobetz, James; Shires, Michael; Thomas, Robert; Murphy, Colleen; Doerksen, Brad
    Welcome from the Acting University Librarian; University of Regina Li-brary Author Rec-ognition Event; Copyright at the Uni-versity of Regina; Nursing Reference Center Plus; 3D Printing Now Open at the Library; From the Centre for Teach-ing and Learning; Recipient of the 2015 Dr. John Archer Library Award; Love at First Sight;
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    @Archer Spring/Summer 2015
    (University of Regina Library, 2015-05) Nowlan, Gillian; Bowman, Donna; Chipanshi, Mary; Holobetz, James; MacDonald, Carol; Shires, Michael; Thomas, Robert; Van Den Berg, Corina
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    @Archer Winter 2015
    (University of Regina Library, 2015-01-12) Nowlan, Gillian; Bowman, Donna; Chipanshi, Mary; Holobetz, James
    Stack Space Needs; “1914 a Turing Point in History and Culture”: Lectures in oUR-Space; Archival Collection Highlights: Research Into the Spanish Civil War; Information Matters; Main Floor Renovations; Library User Services Unit is awarded the President’s Service Excellence Team Award for In-novation; New Academic Software; From the Centre for Teaching and Learning; It’s yoUR Library; Examining the Role of Indigenous Feminism in Deconstructing “Legislated Identity”; Book Spine Poetry Contest Winner; Love yoUR Library Photo Contest
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    @Archer Fall 2014
    (University of Regina Library, 2014-09-08) Nowlan, Gillian; Holobetz, James; Sgrazzutti, William; Shires, Michael; Chipanshi, Mary; Bradley, Christa; Bowman, Donna
    Welcome; Win a Kindle Fire this Fall!; The Great War; Dr. John Archer Library Award; New Databases; Buffalo Hide Artwork @Archer; Reciprocal Borrowing Program; Pop-Up Librarian; Library Instruction Program; One-Stop Help; Information Matters; oURspace; Tasty Tips at Archer Library
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    @Archer Spring/Summer 2014 Vol.2 No.10
    (2014-05-01) Shires, Michael; Nowlan, Gillian; Holobetz, James; Bradley, Crista; Vajcner, Mark
    Archer Library Student Paper Award Winner, 2014 - Michael Shires; Suggestion Box - Michael Shires; Pop-Up Librarians - Gillian Nowlan; Win a Kindle Fire this Fall! - James Holobetz; Lectures at the Library - Michael Shires; Information Matters - Crista Bradley; Shhhhh! We're Studying - Mark Vacjner;
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    @Archer Winter 2014 Vol.2 No. 9
    (University of Regina Library, 2014-01-11) Shires, Michael; Cushon, Kate; Bradley, Crista; Vajcner, Mark
    Dr. John Archer Library Award - Michael Shires; Upcoming CTL Workshops - Kate Cushon; Information Matters - Crista Bradley; Upcoming Public Lectures - Michael Shires; Preserving Out Heritage - Mark Vacjner;
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    @Archer Fall 2013 Vol.2 No. 8
    (2013-09-10) Davies, Dan; Nowlan, Gillian; Nelke, Barbara; Shires, Michael; Winter, Christina; Vajcner, Mark; Cushon, Kate; Phelps, Charles
    Archer Library Mobile Site Additions; BrowZine Journal App; Summon 2.0; Information Matters; Recipient of the Dr. John Archer Library Award for 2013; Open Access Week; Featured Database; Library Establishes a Digital Curation Team; From the Centre for Teaching and Learning; International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Conference
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    @Archer April 2013 Vol.2 No.7
    (2013-04-02) Sgrazzutti, William; Cushon, Kate; Cripps, Doug; Nowlan, Gillian; Davies, Dan; MacDonald, Carol; Vajcner, Mark; Shires, Michael
    CARL Announces the Selection of 2013 Peer Mentors; Inclusive Education at the U of R; Ereader Prize Winners; Information Matters; New Books Search Tab Added to Library Catalogue; Saskatchewan History Online; Copyright and Teaching; PACA - Exhibitions at the President's Residence; COPPUL Collections Meeting
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    @Archer February 2013 Vol.2, No. 6
    (2013-02-11) Nowlan, Gillian; Vajcner, Mark; Shires, Michael; Cushon, Kate; Davies, Dan
    On-site Librarian Services; Launch of Saskatchewan's Visual Arts Website; Beyond the Book Lecture; From the Centre for Teaching and Learning; Information Matters; Upcoming CTL Workshops; Featured Database; Dr. John Archer Library Award
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    @Archer January 2013 Vol. 2, No. 5
    (2013-01-11) Cushon, Kate; Cripps, Doug; Davies, Dan; Winter, Christina; Nowlan, Gillian
    Teaching and Learning Conference: Call for Papers; Upcoming CTL Workshops; SSHRC Research Grant; "Teaching and Learning with the Power of Technology": 2013 Conference; Turnitin; Information Matters; Copyright Update - Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act; Featured Database
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    @Archer December 2012 Vol. 2, No. 4
    (University of Regina. Dr. John Archer Library. External Communications & Promotions Committee, 2012-12-01) Nowlan, Gillian; Bradley, Cara; Vajcner, Mark; Cushon, Kate; Davies, Dan
    New Books on Pinterest; Welcome Dan Davies – Programming and Information Management Archivist for a one year term; Library Instruction Program; Early History of the College Avenue Campus; Teaching and Learning Award Opportunities – Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; Upcoming CTL Workshops – Open Education Resources and Instructional Resources for Blended Learning; Information Matters – electronic document management systems (EDMS); Library Opens Earlier on Weekdays; Featured Database – ArtStor; Sherlock Holmes Event – December 18, 2012; Contact Us.
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    @Archer November 2012 Vol. 2, No. 3
    (University of Regina. Dr. John Archer Library. External Communications & Promotions Committee, 2012-11-01) Andrews, Marilyn; Edwards, Brendan; Cushon, Kate; Shires, Michael; Thomas, Robert; Bradley, Crista; Nowlan, Gillian; Vajcner, Mark; Johnson, Donald; Phelps, Charles; MacDonald, Carol
    Data Fair! Attend, Learn, Win! – GIS & Data Expo on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012; New @FNUniv Library – Dr. Brendan Edwards; Upcoming CTL Workshops – "Postsecondary Teaching and Learning in China: A Faculty Perspective", "Teaching Dossier Workshop", "Learn to Use Prezi for Dynamic Presentations", "Turnitin Webinar and Training"; 6 word Library Story Contest – the 3 winners; Chengdu University of Technology – visit on October 15, 2012; Information Matters – 5 new records classification and retention schedules; Library Opens Earlier on Weekdays – Effective October 15, 2012; More Archival Photographs on Flickr – Regina College in the early 1920s. oURspace upgrade – October 12, 2012. Featured Database – First World War: Personal Experiences; Contact Us.
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    @Archer October 2012 Vol. 2, No. 2
    (University of Regina. Dr. John Archer Library. External Communications & Promotions Committee, 2012-10-01) Nowlan, Gillian; Bradley, Cara; MacDonald, Carol; Bradley, Crista; Cripps, Doug; Shires, Michael; Andrews, Marilyn
    Library Instruction Program ; Student Group Study Rooms Online Booking - http://uregina.libcal.com ; Information Matters - Who is responsible for records & information management at the University? ; Facilitating International Student Success – A Workshop Series - Centre for Teaching and Learning ; Beyond the Book Lecture Series 2012-13 - "Open Access Week 2012", "Introduction to French Science Fiction and Fantasy writers", "Furry and Feathered bats: Myths mysteries and mushrooms" ; Upcoming CTL Workshops - "Improving Students' Critical Reading", "Improving Students' Writing Skills", "Copyright Online" ; Featured database - "Nineteenth Century Collections Online" ; Contact Us.
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    @Archer September 2012 Vol. 2, No. 1
    (University of Regina Library, 2012-09-01) Bradley, Cara; Bradley, Crista; Nowlan, Gillian; Vajcner, Mark; Cushon, Kate; Cripps, Doug
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    @Archer August 2012 Vol. 1, No. 12
    (University of Regina Library, 2012-08) Cripps, Doug; Nowlan, Gillian; Chipanshi, Mary; Bradley, Crista; Winter, Christina; Cushon, Kate; Andrews, Marilyn; Resch, Peter
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    @Archer July 2012 Vol. 1, No. 11
    (University of Regina. Dr. John Archer Library. External Communications & Promotions Committee, 2012-07) Cripps, Doug; Vajcner, Mark; Shires, Michael; Winter, Christina; Sgrazzutti, William; Andrews, Marilyn; Nowlan, Gillian
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    @Archer June 2012 Vol. 1, No. 10
    (University of Regina. Dr. John Archer Library. External Communications & Promotions Committee, 2012-06) Shires, Michael; Cripps, Doug; Bradley, Crista; Winter, Christina; Vajcner, Mark; Andrews, Marilyn; Sgrazzutti, William
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    @Archer May 2012 Vol. 1, No. 9
    (University of Regina. Dr. John Archer Library. External Communications & Promotions Committee, 2012-05-01) Winter, Christina; Hansen, Kirsten; Cripps, Doug; Bradley, Crista; Vajcner, Mark; Sgrazzutti, William