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    Archer Library Annual Report 2022-23
    (University of Regina Library, 2023-10-24) University of Regina Library
    Kahkina nitinaweˉmaˉkaninaˉnik Kahkiyaw kiwâhkômâkaninawak Mitákuye oyás’in Tout ki wahkoomitonawn Toutes nos relations ‘All our relations’ – such a simple phrase, yet one with such rich and diverse meanings. When the University of Regina adopted this Indigenous concept of interconnectedness, family, and community for our 2020-2025 strategic plan, it perfectly encapsulated everything that universities and libraries represent and strive to be. This year’s report highlights the many accomplishments of our staff and faculty, but in every case success was predicated on formal and informal relationships that connect all of us as students, researchers, teachers, and active community members. This report also highlights our donors, whose foresight and generosity will ensure that the collections of the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives, and the new ideas they spark, will extend beyond those singular gifts and create new and unforeseen relations in the near and distant futures. We have also spent time examining the troubled history libraries have with diverse communities, and highlight some of the ways that we are working with academic libraries in western Canada and nationally to repair, strengthen, and foster relations with all of our diverse and unique communities. Finally, we are pleased to profile some of the many students who have engaged with Archer over the past year. These impressive young people are just forming the relations that will connect their past and their future, and we are honoured to have been part of their journey. No matter how you are connected to the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives, we are glad that we can count you as one of our relations. Brett Waytuck Dean, University Libraries and Archives
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    Blind Date with a Sask Book
    (University of Regina Library, 2023-04-06) van den Berg, Corina; Hall, Jennifer M; Hein, Doris; Lucas, Angela
    The “Blind Date with a Sask Book” event was a pilot project held during February 1 - 14, 2023. Similar to the trial 2-Sentence Horror Story contest in the 2022 Fall Semester, the “Blind Date” event was organized under the umbrella of the External Communications Promotion Team (ECPT) and “hosted” on the Library Literary Contest Guide. Our aim is to organize these contest events to engage with the university community.
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    Dr. John Archer Library and Archives Impact Report
    (University of Regina Library, 2023-01) University of Regina Library
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    Longitudinal Informational Literacy Instruction Assessment: A Survey of University of Regina Faculty of Education Graduate Students
    (University of Regina Library, 2022-12-21) van der Ven, Gillian; Sgrazzutti, William; Shires, Michael
    For the period January 2018 to January 2020, the University of Regina Dr. John Archer Library and Archives (Library) conducted a longitudinal research project of graduate students enrolled in the University Faculty of Education to determine the effectiveness of information literacy (IL) instruction, and in particular, the effect IL instruction has on students’ abilities to retain and further develop their individual IL skills. Survey findings will highlight changes to be made to current IL programming to improve outcomes going forward.
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    Archer Library Annual Report 2021-22
    (University of Regina Library, 2022-09-26) University of Regina Library
    Libraries endure. This simple statement was proven over and over again throughout the past year. As the university switched between teaching modalities and managed fluctuating on-campus student and faculty numbers, the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives adapted at every turn — ensuring that everyone was welcome, in-person or virtually. Archer’s faculty and staff repeatedly demonstrated their commitment, their professionalism, and most importantly their innovation in supporting the teaching, research, and learning enterprise at the University of Regina. Our people ensure that libraries endure! One of our key activities this year was to develop an Archer specific strategic plan that supports and helps advance the University’s 2020-2025 strategic plan, All Our Relations. This activity demonstrated to all of us how Archer contributes to the overall mission of the University, and more importantly to the learning and research goals of our students and faculty. Libraries endure because we are relevant! This year’s annual report also showcases another critical library constituency – our donors. As you browse the report you will see example after example of how individuals from Regina and far beyond insure that our research and teaching collections and our physical environment are continually renewed and kept relevant through donations and partnerships. Committed life-long supporters ensure that libraries endure! Finally, the report shows the many and varied ways that the Archer Library and Archives engaged with the campus and broader community. From displays, in-person and remote presentations and lectures, the Library Award, and participation in activities throughout southern Saskatchewan, our faculty and staff were an integral part of life on campus, in the city, and throughout the province. Libraries endure because we are community! No matter your relationship with the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives, I hope that you see your connection with us reflected in this report, and I again want to personally thank everyone who has contributed to our amazing success over the past year.
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    Archer Library Annual Report 2020-21
    (University of Regina Library, 2021-09) University of Regina Library
    Well, that was definitely not the year that any of us were expecting! In last year’s Annual Report, I described the herculean efforts it took for Archer’s faculty and staff to move all of our services and supports online in under three weeks. At that time we hoped the move would be short-lived, and that we would return to full in-person services in three or six months. As we all know now, that proved to be a very optimistic expectation. That optimism, coupled with the dedication, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability of the Archer Library and Archives employees meant that our services, supports, and collections have been available every day of the remote teaching and learning period. A very real and important accomplishment. These same qualities also enabled us to quickly re-open access to the main floor to allow students a safe place to study, to implement curbside pickup for needed research and learning materials, and to dedicate our group study rooms to supporting the writing of online mid-term and final exams.
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    Archer Library Annual Report 2019-20
    (University of Regina Library, 2020-11) University of Regina Library
    The 2019-2020 Archer Annual Report provides a snapshot of the work of the dedicated staff of the Archer Library and Archives from May 2019 to April 2020 as they continue their support and leadership within the University community. The Dr. John Archer Library and Archives continued to adapt and change in 2019-2020. Some of the changes were anticipated and expected, others were not. With the onset of the pandemic, the whole world moved to a virtual environment in March 2020. Over the course of just two and one-half weeks, the Archer staff and faculty moved our services and supports to virtual delivery, ensuring that students, faculty and staff remained supported and library materials were accessible. Although the changes resulting from COVID 19 in the last two months of this reporting period are the most vivid in our minds, we also want to celebrate and focus on the accomplishments in the 10 months prior to the start of the pandemic.
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    Archer Library Annual Report 2018-19
    (University of Regina Library, 2019-11) University of Regina Library
    While libraries may be considered by some to be havens for the lone (and lonely) pursuit of life-long learning, the reality is that they have always been at the centre of communities – both physical and virtual. In medieval times, the creation of a single illuminated manuscript usually involved the labour of several skilled artisans engaging in the preparation of the vellum, the transcription of the text, and the illumination of the text. Although the audience of those masterworks was limited to the privileged who could read, the intent was to utilize the community to preserve the teachings embodied in the text for future generations.
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    Archer Library Annual Report 2017-18
    (University of Regina Library, 2018-11) University of Regina Library
    Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr once wrote, “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose”. As we look back on 50 years of amazing service, support and innovation from the Dr. John Archer Library, I think we can agree that there have been incredible changes that were completely unforeseen when the doors were opened. But what has remained constant is the commitment to the underlying principles of librarianship and archival studies in a research university – the acquisition, synthesis and transformation of knowledge.
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    Report of the University Librarian to the Board of Governors 1990
    (University of Regina Library, 1990) Maes, William R.
    The Library is the heart of the University and although most administrators, faculty and students would agree, it and the people who labour to serve the University's information needs are too often taken for granted. It is recognized that this, and most other universities, have made it a priority to ensure that libraries receive appropriate funding to maintain collections even during what are very difficult times.
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    Preliminary Study of Library Materials Acquisition 1974/75 - 1984/85
    (University of Regina Library, 1985-11) Resch, Peter
    This report attempts to quantify, as objectively as possible, the various changes the University of Regina Library has experienced in levels of funding, acquisitions, and cost of materials during the period 1974 - 1984. As well, the report compares the Library to other university libraries in Canada, thereby putting the Library's present situation into a national perspective.
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    External Review of the Library University of Regina 2017
    (University of Regina, 2017-06-30) Bird, Gwen; Charbonneau, Normand; De Long, Kathleen; Germani, Ian
    The University of Regina Library has a strong base on which to build, and a highly capable and well-respected new University Librarian. It is well respected provincially and nationally. A new strategic plan and vision that address the realities of digital scholarship, coupled with a deliberate change management process, will position the Library very well to move into a more central role at the University. We have provided 26 recommendations that we believe can be accomplished through a concerted team effort in the coming three years. Top priorities for immediate attention include the preparation of a realistic and prioritized strategic plan, increased attention to internal communication, and reparation of relationships with central IT.
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    Library Unit Review Self Study Report 2016-2017
    (University of Regina Library, 2017-01-31) University of Regina Library
    The University of Regina Library (Library) provides a full range of library and information services to the University of Regina (University) community, and works in partnership with the libraries of the affiliated academic institutions (i.e., the Federated Colleges): Campion College, First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv), and Luther College. The Library also has formal agreements with the Faculty of Education and the La Cité universitaire francophone regarding the specialized collections at those locations.
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    The Liaison Librarian Program: Trends and Opportunities
    (University of Regina Library, 2017-04-20) Bradley, Cara; Chipanshi, Mary; Cushon, Kate; Sgrazzutti, William
    During fall 2016, Brett Waytuck (University Librarian) asked Cara Bradley (Liaison Services Coordinator) to lead a review of the University of Regina (U of R) Liaison Librarian Program (Liaison Program). The liaison librarians were consulted and recommended that a small working group of liaison librarians be struck to carry out the review. The Liaison Librarian Working Group (Working Group) was formed following a call for expressions of interest and an election.
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    Everything Old is New Again: The 2008 Assessment and Evaluation Program Proposal Revisited
    (University of Regina Library, 2016-04-10) Sgrazzutti, William
    The University of Regina Library has for several years engaged in assessment related activities. The University Librarian and the Associate University Librarian (Planning and Assessment) expressed a desire to explore what a coordinated, planned approach to assessment (i.e., an assessment program) might look like when based on best practices across academic libraries. The focus of this report is on the Assessment and Evaluation (AE) Program presented to Librarians’ Council on March 20, 2008. The AE Program provides the framework for a coordinated approach to assessment and planning, fostering a culture of assessment within the Library that will have a positive impact on decision making and priority setting. The AE Program is reconsidered from the perspective of the current Library and University environment and trends in academic libraries specific to library assessment programming. The distributed model currently employed by the Library stems in part from the partial implementation of the AE Program. THIS RECORD IS AVAILABLE THROUGH UNIVERSITY OF REGINA ARCHIVES.
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    University of Regina Library and First Nations University of Canada Library - Collaboration and Opportunity
    (University of Regina Library, 2016-04-21) Sgrazzutti, William
    The University of Regina Library (Library) and First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) Library have built a strong collaborative relationship over many years. There is a desire for clarification as to the extent of services the Library currently provides to FNUniv and whether these services fall within the scope of core infrastructure support. This is necessary in order for the University of Regina (University) to demonstrate how it is using the money it receives from the Federal Government to provide infrastructure services to FNUniv. The research for this report was informed by in-person and phone interviews during November and December 2015, with follow up e-mail communication as necessary. 27 participants from various University departments and FNUniv were interviewed. The report provides an overview of the services the Library currently provides. Core infrastructure services are highlighted. Opportunities for further collaboration are identified. There are 26 recommendations for the Library and FNUniv Library to consider. THIS RECORD IS AVAILABLE THROUGH UNIVERSITY OF REGINA ARCHIVES.
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    The RegLIN Consortium - A Review
    (University of Regina Library, 2014-12-12) Campbell, Joylene; Thompson, Loraine
    RegLIN is a consortium of Regina and area libraries formed to create and maintain an online system that will support a multi‐library, multi­‐institutional computer network providing for automated library services. The University of Regina hosts the Voyager Integrated Library System and several software platforms that serve the RegLIN Consortium. THIS RECORD IS AVAILABLE THROUGH UNIVERSITY OF REGINA ARCHIVES.
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    The On-Site Librarian Services Project: Progress Report
    (University of Regina Library, 2007-06-28) Sgrazzutti, William
    A progress report documenting activities related to the On-Site Librarian Services Pilot Project for the period Fall Semester 2006 through to the end of Winter Semester 2007.
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    Site visit, Dr. John Archer Library, University of Regina
    (2007-09) Robare, Lori; Slight-Gibney, Nancy
    Recommendations arising from unit reviews  of the Collection Development Unit and  the Technical Services Department in the Dr. John Archer Library, University of  Regina conducted in August 2007.
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    Recommendations for Instant Messsaging Virtual Reference Service : Archer Library, University of Regina
    (Dr. John Archer Library, University of Regina, 2006-07-31) Bradley, Cara