Financial Empowerment: Personal Finance for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People

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    Financial Empowerment: Personal Finance for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People
    (University of Regina Press, 2018-09) Schneider, Bettina
    Financial Empowerment is an adaptation of the openly licensed textbook Personal Finance, v. 1.0 which was adapted by Saylor Academy under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercialShareAlike 3.0 License without attribution as requested by the work’s original creator or licensee and is available here: The purpose of this textbook adaptation is to take an accessible, student-focused personal finance textbook from the United States and make it affordable and relevant for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada. While many mainstream Canadian personal finance texts provide excellent content in terms of the mechanics of personal finance, they are expensive and not always relevant to the values and experiences of students in the classroom. Many mainstream personal finance texts fall short for Indigenous Canadians and non-Indigenous Canadians alike because they do not speak to readers’ varied backgrounds, knowledge systems, and experiences. This textbook aims to motivate a broad range of students to learn about personal finance. While it is beyond the scope of this book to address all of the diverse groups that comprise the Canadian population, the text does attempt to provide practical, student-focused information that all students can relate to.