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The Saskatchewan Instructional Development and Research Unit (SIDRU) is a provincial educational research and development unit located in the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. Established in 1985, its mandate is to conduct research and engage in development activities that contribute to improvement of the quality of education in Saskatchewan.

SIDRU serves as a focal point in the province for improving the quality of instruction through the following activities: research, curriculum and instruction development, consultative services, publication of reports on research findings, methodological approaches and critical reviews, program evaluation, facilitation of collaborative problem solving, provision of research opportunities, and securing project funding.

SIDRU has established a network of working relationships with other units, whose mandates also include improving educational quality, such as the Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU) at the University of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit (SPDU) at the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation, and several branches within Saskatchewan Education.

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