The Dr. John Archer Library and Archives on the University of Regina campus houses monograph and journal collections of some 2.6 million items.

The Library holds over a million books, pamphlets and journals, approximately 600,000 government publications, over a million items in microform, as well as a growing collection of recordings and materials in other media.

The Archives collection consists of over 3,000 linear metres of records in various formats and over 15,000 photographs.

The Library is an active participant in the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), the Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL), the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL), the Multitype Library Board, and a number of other associations.

For more information on the library and its services, visit the web site at:

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Recent Submissions

  • CFLA Copyright Committee Update 

    Winter, Christina; Kohn, Alexandra; Ludbrook, Ann; Owen, Victoria (2021-05-07)
  • Implementing the CARL Copyright Open Educational Resource for University Instructors and Staff on campus 

    Orfano, Stephanie; Swartz, Mark; Winter, Christina; Johnson, Rowena; Canadian Association of Research Libraries (2021-02-25)
  • Copyright Practices & Approaches at Canadian Post-Secondaries: A Follow-up Survey 

    Winter, Christina; Graham, Rumi (2021-05-05)
    This session will share results of a Spring 2020 survey that follows up on our 2015 survey of copyright practices at Canadian universities. The new survey expanded the scope of participants to include a somewhat broader ...
  • Mary Filer: Artist’s Archive, 1920-2016 

    Unknown author (University of Regina Library, 2021-03)
    Mary Filer (1920-2016) is remembered as a talented artist and master of several mediums, including drawing, painting, glass sculpture, and mural work. This online exhibit showcases a range of artwork from the Mary Filer ...
  • Archer Library: Early Days 

    Unknown author (University of Regina Library, 2018-10)
    This exhibit presents photographs and documents related to the planning, construction, and opening of the Archer Library. Read the opening address from John H. Archer, learn more about Minoru Yamasaki’s vision for the ...
  • Regina College and the First World War - The Great War 

    Unknown author (University of Regina Library, 2015-02)
    Drawing on materials held at the University of Regina Archives & Special Collections this website documents the local contribution and sacrifice to the ‘Great War’. In 1914 Regina College, the precursor of the University ...
  • Saskatchewan's Visual Arts 

    Unknown author (University of Regina Library, 2012-09)
    Saskatchewan's visual arts are celebrated in this innovative online collection consisting of archival photographs, documents, and resource links exploring the provincial contribution to the visual arts since 1950.
  • Florence A. Kirk: Letters from China, 1932-1950 

    Unknown author (University of Regina Library, 2011-05)
    Florence Kirk taught English at Ginling College in China. Raised on a homestead in Saskatchewan, China was an exotic adventure that Florence documented with letters home to family and friends. 413 letters, consisting of ...
  • Regina College – An Historical Timeline 

    Unknown author (University of Regina Library, 2010-10)
    A detailed timeline of the evolution of Regina College from the early 20th century to 1959. The timeline is augmented with selections from general calendars, yearbooks, student newspapers and other publications. Also ...
  • Spectacle, Sport & Story: Picturing the 1936 Olympics 

    Unknown author (University of Regina Library, 2010-02)
    The University of Regina Archives & Special Collections participated in Archives Week 2010. For the event "From the Vault: Archives on the Big Screen", a short video was produced: Spectacle, Sport and Story: Picturing the ...
  • CFLA – Advocacy on Copyright Issues 

    Owen, Victoria; Swartz, Mark; Wakaruk, Amanda; Winter, Christina (2021-02-05)
    This presentation will discuss the upcoming changes to Canadian copyright law as a result of the implementation of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA). We will discuss how the change in the term of copyright ...
  • Celebration of Authorship 2019-2020 

    Afolabi, Taiwo; Belisle, Donica; Beveridge, Daniel M.; Brigham, Mark; Duggleby, Jim; Fox, Bevann; Grimard, Céleste; Roberta, Jean; Hu, Shuchen; Koops, Sheena; Lewis, Patrick; Lockhart, Daniel; Marsh, Charity; Oehler, Alex; Petry, Yvonne; Powell, Marie; Pridmore, Helen; Reul, Barbara; Roberetson, Lloyd Hawkeye; Ruddell, Rick; Schultz, Christie; Stonechild, A. Blair (University of Regina Library, 2020-11)
    Archer Library is proud to unveil the 2019-20 University of Regina Celebration of Authorship Program booklet. The publication highlights University of Regina authors who submitted works they published in the last year.
  • Archer Library Annual Report 2019-20 

    University of Regina Library (University of Regina Library, 2020-11)
    The 2019-2020 Archer Annual Report provides a snapshot of the work of the dedicated staff of the Archer Library and Archives from May 2019 to April 2020 as they continue their support and leadership within the University ...
  • Copyright in Libraries 2020 

    Winter, Christina; Langrell, Kate (2020-04-30)
  • Copyright Support for Scholarly Communications 

    Dandar, Devina; Kazakoff-Lane, Carmen; Langrell, Kate; Winter, Christina (2020)
  • Archer Library Award 2021 Poster  

    University of Regina Library (University of Regina Library, 2020-04)
  • Archer Library Scholarship Reflective Essay 

    Maeland, Idella (University of Regina Library, 2020-01)
    In writing my essay “The Influence of the Chorus in Aeschylus’ Oresteia : Visualizing ποιητικος & μίμησις ,” written for Classical Studies 211 and taught by Dwayne Meisner, the Archer library was a crucial resource for ...
  • The Influence of the Chorus in Aechylus’ Oresteia : Visualizing ποιητικος & μίμησις 

    Maeland, Idella (University of Regina Library, 2019)
    The Oresteia by Aeschylus is a trilogy of tragedies with a heavy choral focus, not unlike the many plays of ancient Greece. What separates the Oresteia from other tragedies of the time, however, is the unique application ...
  • Archer Library Annual Report 2018-19 

    University of Regina Library (University of Regina Library, 2019-11)
    While libraries may be considered by some to be havens for the lone (and lonely) pursuit of life-long learning, the reality is that they have always been at the centre of communities – both physical and virtual. In ...
  • Archer Library Annual Report 2017-18 

    University of Regina Library (University of Regina Library, 2018-11)
    Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr once wrote, “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose”. As we look back on 50 years of amazing service, support and innovation from the Dr. John Archer Library, I think we can agree that there ...

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