The Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Regina is designed, in all its aspects, to provide the student with the very best environment for creative expression. The contemporary, well-planned facilities are the ideal environment for developing the artistic mind. A dynamic faculty of working artists with international experience live at the cutting edge of art in Canada.

All Fine arts programs include a balance of liberal arts subjects. Studies in liberal arts are essential to the examination of that which is essentially human and encourage the development of observational and critical analysis skills that must necessarily inform modern artistic expression.

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  • Open House Poster 2012 

    University of Regina. Visual Arts (Visual Arts, University of Regina, 2012-04-11)
    Open House publicity
  • Fine Arts Presentation Series - Fall 2009 

    Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Regina. Faculty of Fine Arts., 2010-09)
    Fine Arts Presentation Series. Fall 2009. "It's About Action Not Re-Action: The Interactive Media and Performance (IMP) Labs." Dr. Charity Marsh. Canada Research Chair, Interactive Media and Performance, Department ...
  • The Place of Fine Arts in the Modern University 

    Hayford, Alison (2010-09-17)
    Between 2007‑2010, Dr. Alison Hayford served as Head of the Department of Visual Arts. Her passionate advocacy for that department, as well as for the Faculty of Fine Arts as whole, led her to take on the role of Associate ...