Wendee Kubik

Wendee Kubik


This collection contains some of the work of <strong>Wendee Kubik, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, Women's and Gender Studies Program</strong><br> <p> <strong>CONTACT INFORMATION:</strong> <br><p> Wendee Kubik, Ph.D.<br> Women's and Gender Studies<br> CL 340.2<br> University of Regina<br> Regina, SK, S4S 0A2<br> Canada<br> Phone: (306) 585-4668<br> Fax: (306) 585-4815<br> Email: <a href="mailto:wendee.kubik@uregina.ca">wendee.kubik@uregina.ca </a> <br> <p> For more information about Dr. Kubik and her works, visit her website at: <a href="http://www.arts.uregina.ca/wendee-kubik/"> http://www.arts.uregina.ca/wendee-kubik</a>

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