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  • Gibot, Felix; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-02-05)
    Discussion of the signing of Treaty 8 at Fort Chipewyan, and treaty promises; relationship between Crees and Chipewyans; and how the location of schools has forced people to settle in areas where they are unable to pursue ...
  • Cardinal, Frank (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    Frank Cardinal (aged 68), chief of the Sucker Creek Reserve, discusses Treaty #8 and its interpretation, the establishment of the reserves around Lesser Slave Lake, and problems facing a chief in modern times.
  • Sound, Frank; Saddleback, Rose (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-07-13)
    This 62-year-old speaks of the history of Lesser Slave Lake Reserves; and gives details of the history of Swan River Reserve.
  • Cattleman, George; Burnstick, Abraham (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975)
    Recounts what two elders told of Treaty #6 and the promises made under it.
  • First Rider, George; Hellson, John (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1969-06-20)
    Consists of an interview with George First Rider where he talks about his childhood and lack of schooling, his development of horsemanship, his membership in holy societies and his alcoholism.
  • Okeymaw, George; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-09-11)
    Interviewee was 6 years old at signing of Treaty 8. He describes the establishment of reserves around Lesser Slave Lake; and the need for more reserve land.
  • Okeymaw, George; Capot, Dave; McLean, Dan (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975)
    Understanding of treaty promises; distribution of food, ammunition, etc. in earlier times; interesting accounts of home-made agricultural equipment (as well as that supplied by Dept. of Indian Affairs).
  • Bullett, Harry; Stobie, Margaret (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1970)
    General discussion of his life.
  • Pelletier, Henry; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1978-03-17)
    Mr. Pelletier moved from Lestock to the Green Lake area under the Metis resettlement program.
  • Green, Hersel; Sit, Evelyn (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-07-18)
    Consists of an interview where he talks about different groupings in Mohawk society. This transcript illustrates some of the difficulties encountered when relying too closely on the oral history tradition. He also gives ...
  • Smallboy, Isabel; Crier, Louis P.; Soosay, Phillip (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975)
    Establishment of the Montana, Louis Bull, Samson and Ermineskin Reserves. Taking of Treaty #6 and the establishment of agriculture.
  • Duquette, Joe; Welsh, Christine; Snowsill, Tony (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-06-17)
    Joe Duquette, born 1904, on Mistawasis Reserve, never attended school, completely self-educated. Now Senator of F.S.I. and involved in teaching and counselling young people. He tells the story of his arranged marriage.
  • Kapoeze, Joe; Baptiste, Archie (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-03-21)
    Interview includes a story about a child who was protected by the North Wind. Also included are stories of residential schools; conflict between Indians and Indian agents. Tape IH-045 has not as yet been translated from ...
  • Louie, Joe; Orchard, Imbert (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1967)
    Consists of an interview where he discusses his views of the present situation of Indians, and ways of improving it.
  • Buffalo, John; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-04-18)
    Talks about the taking of Treaty #6 and his understanding of the terms of the agreement as well as changes in lifestyle after treaty.
  • Phelps, J.L.; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-06-26)
    Mr. Phelps was the Minister of Natural Resources in the Saskatchewan CCF government from 1944 to 1948. He speaks of attempts to replace welfare in the north with programs for fish and fur marketing.
  • Assinewe, Kate; Snowsill, Tony; Welsh, Christine; Debassigae, Ernest (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-04-02)
    An interview with Kate Assinewe who gives an account of her life. Interpreter: Ernest Debassigae ; transcriber: Joanne Greenwood.
  • Tobacco, Lawrence; Welsh, Christine; Snowsill, Tony (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-06-20)
    Lawrence Tobacco, born 1919, on the Poor Man Reserve, Saskatchewan He attended a residential school and is now involved in traditional education and counseling. He talks about farming and raising cattle on the Poor Man ...
  • Garneau, Louis; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-08-08)
    Louis Garneau was a cousin of Jim Brady and spent much of his youth with Jim. He speaks of working in the north during the 20s and 30s and of his recollections of Jim's family and political interests.
  • Osecap, Marie; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-02-11)
    Interview includes a story of an evil spirit which caused an epidemic that killed many people. She also tells of the sale of their reserve and the subsequent moves to Sweet Grass Reserve and then to Moosomin Reserve.

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