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  • Bishop, Alec; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-09-09)
    Mr. Bishop is a long time resident of Green Lake, Saskatchewan He talks about problems in the area, his work for the Metis people and his impressions of Malcolm Norris and Howard Adams.
  • Auger, August; Crane, Ernest (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    Interview relates to understanding of Treaty #8 promises; the establishment of Wabasca Reserves; and the loss of treaty status by many people in the area.
  • Courtoirelle, John James (Chief); Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975)
    The chief of the Beaver Ranch Reserve describes how the establishment of Wood Buffalo National Park has affected the Indians.
  • Davis, Dolphus; Saddleback, Rose (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-08-04)
    History of Lesser Slave Lake Reserves, and details of the history of Swan River Reserve.
  • Gibot, Felix; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-02-05)
    Discussion of the signing of Treaty 8 at Fort Chipewyan, and treaty promises; relationship between Crees and Chipewyans; and how the location of schools has forced people to settle in areas where they are unable to pursue ...
  • Cardinal, Frank (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    Frank Cardinal (aged 68), chief of the Sucker Creek Reserve, discusses Treaty #8 and its interpretation, the establishment of the reserves around Lesser Slave Lake, and problems facing a chief in modern times.
  • Prince, Henry (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    Interviewee is former member of Sawridge Band, now living on Metis colony. He describes breaking of treaty promises relating to fishing rights.
  • Bellerose, Joe (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    Summary of a series of interviews with four elders in which they are asked to tell how they understand the treaties.
  • Thompson, John; Stevenson, David (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-09-11)
    Gives Indian words for a variety of English terms. Explains significance of dance cycles.
  • Cree, Julian; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-10)
    An 85-year-old member of Fort McMurray band describes promises of reserve at Waterways, and the breaking of treaty promises regarding fishing and hunting rights.
  • Cook, Lawrence; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-08-18)
    Lawrence Cook knew Jim Brady in 1949/50. He talks about the CCF government policies and how the people reacted to them, the Legion, and the various Co-op efforts that were tried in Cumberland. He is the only informant to ...
  • Boucher, Louis; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-02-06)
    An interview which discusses the signing of Treaty 8: understanding of promises made, the establishment of Wood Buffalo Natural Park, and the need for a reserve at Fort Chipewyan for trapping and hunting.
  • Osecap, Marie; Littlepoplar, Alphonse (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-02-11)
    Interview includes a description of life on the reserve that describes milking, sheep-shearing and fishing weirs. It also consists of stories about a woman whose husband turned into a lizard; a story of Wisakedjak; and ...
  • Mowatt, Mr.; Stobie, Margaret (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1970)
    Discusses his life as a trapper and fisherman. No date given, probably in the 1970's.
  • Laboucan, Ned; Lightning, Richard (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974-03-29)
    This 75 year old man describes changes brought about by Treaty #8; promises of reserve at Prairie Lake; and confusion over treaty status of many northern people.
  • Dorion, Pierre; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976)
    Pierre Dorion was a young boy when Jim Brady was living in Cumberland House from 1948-1951. Dorion talks about Brady's attempts to organize a Metis Society and his efforts to get people jobs in the area.
  • Tourongau, Rosalie; Capot, Dave; McLean, Dan (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    Mrs. Tourongau, aged 67, describes the promises made in Treaty 8, and the way in which they were subsequently broken.
  • Daniel, Rick (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1974)
    A summary of various aspects of Treaty #8 including trapping, fishing and hunting rights.
  • Trudeau, William; Trudeau, Helen; Snowsill, Tony; Welsh, Christine; Debassigae, Ernest (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-04-05)
    William and Helen Trudeau discuss the traditional ways of gathering, preserving and storing food. They also talk about the origins of some traditional stories. Interpreter : E. Debassigae ; transcribed by J. Greenwood.

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