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  • Solway, Adam; Welsh, Christine; Snowsill, Tony (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1983-01-29)
    This is a continuation of an interview with Adam Solway on January 29, 1983 on the Blackfoot Reserve.
  • Mishibinijima, Alfred (Albert); Snowsill, Tony; Welsh, Christine; Debassigae, Ernest (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-02-29)
    An interview with Alfred Mishibinijima who recounts his life working on farms and in lumber camps, the origin of some Ojibway words and the aftermath of the War of 1812. Transcribed by Joanne Greenwood.
  • Nielson, Don; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-08-10)
    Don Nielson was one of the original organizers of the Metis Association of Saskatchewan in 1964. He talks about the differences between Metis groups in the north and south and Norris's fight against government funding.
  • Debassigae, Ernest; Snowsill, Tony; Welsh, Christine (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-02-17)
    An interview with Ernest Debassigae who recounts the history of the Manitoulin Island Indians and problems with Indian agents. Transcribed by Joanne Greenwood.
  • Pritchard, George; Racette, Victoria (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-03-29)
    Interview is a general account of his life.
  • Starr, David; Starr, Frances (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-02-10)
    A meeting of representatives from communities in northern Alberta, lying between the Peace and Athabasca Rivers. Discussion of their claims to mineral rights and to compensation for damage to environment by drilling crews, ...
  • Yelloweyes, Jim; Cardinal, Johnny (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1975-10-08)
    Tells of land at Swan Lake claimed by his uncle but never assigned as a reserve.
  • Phelps, J.L.; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1976-06-26)
    Mr. Phelps was the Minister of Natural Resources in the Saskatchewan CCF government from 1944 to 1948. He speaks of attempts to replace welfare in the north with programs for fish and fur marketing.
  • Pritchard, Lawrence Joseph; Thibodeau, Judy M. (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-02-19)
    This is the conclusion of interview in the previous two documents.
  • Brown, Lloyd (Buster); Tilden, Fay (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1977-12-04)
    Discusses problems of non-status Indians.
  • Unknown author (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1973)
    This is a statement of grievances presented to the federal government by the Yukon Indians in 1973.
  • Wood, Tony; Dobbin, Murray (Canadian Plains Research Centre, 1984-07-28)
    Tony Wood was an employee of the Saskatchewan government and was associated with the school for prospectors. He was a friend of Norris and Brady.

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