Profiling Scholarship Series

Profiling Scholarship Series


The HRI Profiling Scholarship Series provides a forum for scholars at the University of Regina to talk informally to colleagues, students, and the University of Regina community about a recent scholarly project that is of general interest in the field of the humanities.

Recent Submissions

  • Ruddick, Nicholas (University of Regina. Humanities Research Institute., 2010-11-12)
    Nicholas Ruddick: “Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research in the Humanities: Red Herring or Barmecide Feast?” Nicholas Ruddick’s most recent books are The Fire in the Stone: Prehistoric Fiction from Charles Darwin to ...
  • Leyton-Brown, Ken (University of Regina. Humanities Research Institute., 2010-11-12)
    Ken Leyton-Brown: “The Practice of Execution in Canada”. Ken Leyton-Brown is a member of the Department of History; he teaches Legal and Ancient History. His research focuses on Canadian legal history, and emphasizes ...
  • Ramsay, Christine (University of Regina. Humanities Research Institute., 2010-11-12)
    Christine Ramsay: "'I Love Regina'... and its 'Infinite Horizons': The Art of the Small Prairie City" Christine Ramsay is an Associate Professor in Film and Media Studies and Head of the Department of Media production and ...

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