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    • Minimum number of distinct eigenvalues of graphs 

      Ahmadi, Bahman; Alinaghipour, Fatemeh; Cavers, Michael; Fallat, Shaun; Meagher, Karen; Nasserasr, Shahla (International Linear Algebra Society, 2013-09)
      The minimum number of distinct eigenvalues, taken over all real symmetric matrices compatible with a given graph G, is denoted by q(G). Using other parameters related to G, bounds for q(G) are proven and then applied to ...
    • On the relationship between zero forcing number and certain graph coverings 

      Alinaghipour, Fatemeh; Fallat, Shaun; Meagher, Karen (2014)
      The zero forcing number and the positive zero forcing number of a graph are two graph parameters that arise from two types of graph colourings. The zero forcing number is an upper bound on the minimum number of induced ...