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dc.contributor.authorExternal Relations, University of Regina
dc.description.abstractThanks to everyone who has helped to make the University of Regina’s fifth annual Inspiring Leadership Forum another success. This year’s event, to be held on March 12, has once again sold out.en_US
dc.publisherExternal Relations, University of Reginaen_US
dc.subjectInspiring Leadership Forumen_US
dc.subjectArianna Huffingtonen_US
dc.subjectHuffington Post Media Groupen_US
dc.subjectAmanda Lindhouten_US
dc.subjectMalini Chiben_US
dc.subjectPat Faulconbridgeen_US
dc.subjectGovernment of Saskatchewanen_US
dc.subjectStatus of Women Officeen_US
dc.subjectDenise Battersen_US
dc.subjectErica Leeen_US
dc.subjectZarqa Nawazen_US
dc.titleFeature Story: Inspiring Leadership Forum Sold Outen_US

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