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    • Building Saskatchewan's Future 

      Adams, Duane; Gibbins, Roger; Allan, John R.; Romanow, Roy; Frank, Jim; MacKinnon, Janice; Dasko, Donna; Elliott, Doug; Cline, Eric (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 1998-11-30)
      As a part of its 1999 pre-budget consultation, the Government of Saskatchewan asked the Canada West Foundation and the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy to convene and host a broadly representative conference of ...
    • SIPP Policy Dialogue Number 1 May 2000 

      Curran, Kathryn; Blake, Raymond; Allan, John; McIntosh, Tom; Hart, Frank; Segal, Hugh (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2000-05)
      Director’s Notes 2 Public Policy and Public Enterprise 3 Slaying the Deficit Dragon 4 Small Scale Economic Development 5 New Publication 6 Final Words from Hugh Segal
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 01 

      Kneebone, Ron; Leach, John (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy., 2000-10)
      What have been the causes of the accumulation of government debt in Canada? How large have been the respective contributions of high interest rates, low growth rates, the business cycle, and changes to tax rates and ...
    • SIPP Policy Dialogue Number 2 December 2000 

      Curran, Kathryn; Blake, Raymond; Allan, John (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2000-12)
      Director’s Notes 2 Mr. Elwin Hermanson: Building Communities, Slaying Government 3 Aboriginal Migration De-Mystified 4 Treaties as a Bridge to the Future 5 Sask Liberal Leader discusses citizen participation in ...
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 02 

      Dion, Stéphane (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2001-03-06)
      Our country is so vast and so diverse that our knowledge of it is always limited. This could be a disadvantage. I believe on the contrary that we draw three advantages from this. First, a permanent call to modesty: all ...
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 03 

      McIntosh, Tom; Rushton, Michael; Kouri, Denise; Horsburgh, Martha E.; Labonte, Ronald; Muhajarine, Nazeem (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2001-04)
      Table of Contents Contributors......................................................................................................................... v A Fyke in the Road: The ‘New’ Politics of Health Reform......... ...
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 04 

      Allan, John R. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2001-06)
      Over the last two decades, the public sector has been viewed as cumbersome, unresponsive and costly. In view of its perceived inability to meet the complex and rapidly changing demands of modern societies, there have been ...
    • SIPP Policy Dialogue Number 3 June 2001 

      Curran, Kathryn; Allan, John; Marshall, Jeff (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2001-06)
      SIPP suffers loss 2 SIPP launches leadership program 3 Polling for policy SSHRC grant award 4 For greed or for good? 5 Western neglect 6
    • SIPP The Scholar Series Fall 2001 

      Marchildon, Gregory P. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2001-10-18)
      Royal Commissions and the Policy Cycle in Canada: The Case of Health Care
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 07 

      Rushton, Michael (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2001-11)
      Suppose that changing technology, patterns of trade, and prices have created a situation that, left unchecked by decisive government action, would result in a migration from rural to urban areas. Should the government ...
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 06 

      Ruggeri, G. C.; Howard, R. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2001-12)
      It is becoming increasingly evident that the fiscal structures of the federal government and of provincial-territorial governments combined are not moving in parallel directions. While provincial and territorial governments ...
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 05 

      Greenberg, Louise (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2001-12)
      Canada has one of the safest food safety systems in the world. It has created a system that includes regulation, inspection, enforcement, research and education. The various orders of governments, the food industries, ...
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 11 

      Allan, John R. (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002)
      The recent release by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”) of the results of the Programme for International Student Assessment (“PISA”) has served once more to focus the attention of ...
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 08 

      Arcus, Peter; Parsons, Graham (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-02)
      The three Prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta1 have been in a state of restructuring and change since settlement by European immigrants in the latter half of the 19th and the early part of the 20th ...
    • SIPP The Scholar Series Winter 2002 

      Leeson, Howard (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-02-26)
      Canadian Foreign Policy and the Events of September 11: A Dramatic Turn
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 10 

      Hornosty, Jennie; Doherty, Deborah (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-03)
      In order to understand wife abuse in a rural context, it is important to recognize the nature of that context. New Brunswick is a largely rural province with 51% of its 738,133 inhabitants living in areas defined as ...
    • SIPP Public Policy Papers 09 

      Bullinger, Anne-Béatrice (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-03)
      This paper summarizes and analyzes a 1999 report by the Swiss federal government and the cantons (Conseil fédéral 1999), which presents the planned reform of the equalization system in Switzerland. I argue that this ...
    • SIPP The Scholar Series Spring 2002  

      Rushton, Michael (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-04-10)
      Public Funding of Artistic Creation: Some Hard Questions
    • SIPP Policy Dialogue Number 5 September 2002 

      Geisbauer, Andrea; Blake, Raymond; Pearson, Erna; Allan, John; Whyte, John; Wardhaugh, Robert; Green, Joyce; Oliver, Lynn (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-09)
      Hear our Voices 1; Director’s Notes 2; Upcoming Events, Research in the Works, and Make a Note 3; Constantly Evolving with SIPP Initiatives 4; The Scholar Series - Expert Material, No Tuition 4; Value-for-Money in ...
    • SIPP Briefing Note Issue 1 December 2002 

      Peykov, Pavel (Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy, 2002-12)
      Choice in Automobile Insurance: Tort vs. No Fault Coverage